Feng Shui business (how to protect and attract money in business)

Feng shui business Do you want to achieve massive success in your newly established business? Do you want to get more customers and orders? In addition to your work and effort, you can greatly benefit from the age-old science of Feng shui for business.

Curious to find out how? Keep reading.


General features

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the basic principle of harmony between people and their environment.

Described in ancient texts as one of the five Chinese metaphysics, Feng Shui focuses on architecture in terms of «unseen forces.» Many entrepreneurs and businessmen have used feng shui to succeed in their businesses and attract more customers.

In this regard, the following recommendations are useful:


How to attract money in business and protect it against negative energies

Feng shui business #1 Have water in business Feng Shui advises those who have a business to always have a bottle, vase or other type of container with water nearby. For example, those who develop businesses while traveling are recommended to carry bottles of water in their cars.

This is due to a principle of Feng Shui which says that where there is water, money will not be lacking. However, it is important to indicate that the water that is placed cannot be dirty or stagnant, since the Sha would be created, which is not positive.

Feng shui business #2 have mirrors Mirrors can be very useful for your earnings to grow, since they symbolically double everything they reflect, doubling the strength of your possessions. Therefore, it is recommended that mirrors be placed in the following places:

  • By the cash register to double your income
  • At the reception when it is small or crowded, to give the impression that it has twice the space
  • On a wall where your customers usually gather to double the number of them.

Feng shui business #3 Be careful with the corners There are businesses where the merchandise is stored in the corners in a «V» shape, which is a serious mistake, since the energies are stagnant and so are their sales and profits. However, if there is no other alternative, it is recommended that, to counteract these energies, the following is done:

  • Hang mobile gold decorations from the ceiling that can swing over the space where the products are.
  • Place a mirror and intensify the lighting of that sector of your business or premises.
  • Place jingle bells on a door that is close to that corner or storage room.

Feng shui business #4 When it is better to transact business Because for Feng Shui it is important to take into account the dates and times of the year to carry out commercial transactions, it is recommended that they be carried out during the summer or spring, which are the seasons that receive the most beneficial effects.

However, in most cases, you cannot wait until this time to make a major purchase or sale. For these cases, Feng Shui also gives us alternatives: when it is necessary to carry out an important commercial transaction during winter or autumn, the help of colors, talismans and a compass should be used.

In the case of the compass, it must be placed on the desk directed towards an orientation of the Earth where it is summer or spring, which must be kept that way until the commercial operation is satisfactorily closed.

It also recommends wearing gems, as talismans, for money and guarantee success in business relationships, such as emerald, green quartz, ruby ​​and gold and wear yellow and gold clothing or accessories to attract money and happiness. prosperity

Feng shui business #5 Pay attention to the main entrance Whether it’s a retail space, an office or an industrial workshop, don’t underestimate the importance of your business entrance. This zone governs the quality of customers you attract, which determines the sustainability of your business. A well lit entrance with a good light is always recommended.

Another pointer worth making is to make sure your front door is not facing into a «constrained» space, eg a narrow hallway or wall, or a stairway leading down. This causes the «yin» energy to evaporate quickly, resulting in poor sales and profits.

Feng shui business #6 Have the image of a dragon for protection If you want to be the leader of your sector, place a Dragon to the right of the cash register facing the window or door. The Dragon can also look towards its water source. A Dragon always chases a pearl, so the window; the water source can mean the pearl.

Feng shui business #7 Avoid clutter Do not have clutter in your office or business; desks should be kept neat and clutter-free. This is so important that an office in China would not have these paper trays on their desks, and most American companies now employ the same approach.


Feng Shui ritual to increase sales in the business

For this ritual you only need three oranges. First, you cut nine circles from the shell of each one, which will make a total of 27. Then, you put them in a jar that has half a liter of fresh water to soak them; it is better outdoors.

The next day you pack the orange water in a spray bottle and spray the entire place starting at the entrance door, going clockwise, until you reach the same point again. business

Ask for more customers to arrive, for your products to benefit everyone who buys them, for new business opportunities to be presented to you and for the economic improvement to be evident as soon as possible. If you want, you can also bathe in this water to attract money into your life. Repeat this ritual every 14 days.


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