Feminine intuition in love (feelings of love)

Yofemale intuition in love According to studies, women, having more predominance in the right hemisphere (the emotional and creative side), can capture body language and facial expressions more easily than men.

However, the intuition in women, regarding love, can go much further. A very common example of intuition in the romantic field is the so-called «crush» that should rather be called intuition alert. What does it consist of? Let’s see more about it.


feminine intuition in love

A typical example of feminine intuition in love is the following: Let us suppose that you see a name for the first time and suddenly you feel embarrassed, even your temperature and the rhythm of your breathing change, and suddenly you realize that you have found yourself. with the man you dream of… and who will love you so much!

However, sometimes we don’t want to hear that “voice” when something is wrong and we don’t pay attention to intuitive truths because we don’t want them to become reality.

For example, when a woman meets a man and senses that there is something strange and does not pay attention to her intuition because she wants the relationship to be achieved. If the man is an obvious rascal, there is no problem, because with him the conduct to be followed is evident.

The problem is with the one who gives a wonderful impression… and the opposite turns out. Our intuition lingers in the background, but we force ourselves to think that this is nothing more than a dumb feeling. Then, it happens that this fantastic man was indeed hiding a true selfish self from which it was better to be far away.

Other women «block» their intuition following the recommendations of their family or because they are influenced by the ideas of others, which can be disastrous in the end.


Presentiments of love How to be guided?

It is very important to be guided by intuition in love affairs. To do this, you must:

  • Always show your feelings, do not fake what you feel, be authentic and loyal, do not imitate others.
  • Allow your thoughts to flow without analyzing them when you meet a new person and let yourself be carried away by your inner guidance.
  • Don’t reject hunches as they might lead you to find true love.

Another important aspect is to be guided by body language Notice if the other person:

  • She is positive, determined and confident.
  • Accept people with their flaws and qualities.
  • It is shown as it is.
  • He knows how to listen and does not judge others lightly.
  • She is always relaxed and in a good mood.
  • When they speak to him, he looks straight ahead, showing interest in his interlocutor.

Be wary if, on the contrary, you hear the «voice» and observe that the other person:

  • She is evasive, takes detours to speak.
  • Is nervous, tense, insecure, or has tics.
  • Does not look at the interlocutor when speaking to him.
  • She is very flattering and shows too much interest in taking advantage of something or someone.
  • He talks a lot and says little.
  • It seems that he always hides something.


How to develop female intuition in love

You can develop your intuition by being more aware of the little voice inside you, which sometimes whispers to you, telling you what to do and what to avoid doing.

Each day, find a few moments to be still and listen to the small voice within you.

Strengthening your ability to concentrate helps you improve your intuition, hunches and feelings. This happens because with a focused mind you can ignore doubts, fears and distracting thoughts. In such a situation, your hunches and instincts are sharpened.

Meditation practice can also be helpful.

Before making an important decision, sit in a quiet place, think for a moment about the decision you have to make, and then stop thinking about it and try to listen to your intuition calmly.

Remember, not all inner sensations, insights, or sudden insights are insights. Think before you act and use your common sense, and at the same time, don’t be afraid to follow your intuition.


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