The trend in children’s fashion this season is a similar proposal to the style of adults; the different collections are identified with the same schemes. In 2016, even the jewels for the little ones are analogous to those designed for the older ones.

Children’s clothing for girls, in most fashion houses, have chosen patterned fabrics with models similar to watercolor sketches, designing all clothing with a super innovative genre. In relation to the range of colors, this year’s trends have an influence on natural tones, such as beige, light blue, brown, cream and sand.

In the case of children, the predilection goes towards an elegant distinction; whereupon, designers of clothing for boys adorn with different jackets; also with attractive scarves and belts. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are the favorites in fashion for almost the entire season.

In general, for both girls and boys, the most noticeable material of this period is velvet; The little ones who wear these clothes will feel satisfied because this fabric is made from cotton. Corduroy and cotton denim has become popular among youngsters; as well as the sets made both in this material, and in cashmere, linen or silk. In the same way, in many collections, dresses with dots are still in force in numerous models.

Designers are of the opinion that colors for children’s clothing should be chosen according to age; For this reason, the shades that children between 3 and 6 years old should wear correspond to a warm color, like when they were little babies. On the other hand, for the older ones, the clothing can go further, with the shades a little stronger, until reaching a particular degree of grace.

Girls’ and boys’ styles for 2016 will continue with soft colors, in soft shades like pink for some girls’ clothes. The excellent quality fabrics will continue to set the standards, as well as the fabrics with delicate embroidery, in a selection of beautiful designs for the joy of infants who are walking with the evolution of fashion.

In short, for the little girls, the silhouettes are simple, accessing the graphic prints with large-scale motifs; flat pieces, such as vests and flannels, stand out from conventional patterns, natural textures draw the originality of this fantastic fashion. For boys, gray on lightweight cotton highlights functional details with detachable hoods, making them look bold, breaking simple forms.

Since they begin to function in the world, children have their preferences and tastes; The clothes that mom or dad will buy for them always go according to their special inclination for colors, with certain lines that fit comfortably on their bodies, which makes them feel wonderful. On the “YouTube” channel “Barcarola Moda Infantil”, enjoy the PITTI BIMBO Summer 2016 Collection.