Fashion cuts and hairstyles for 2020, show a modern woman, who loves change and evolution, with fresh, carefree, light styles and above all with a lot of practicality, to look good on any occasion, whether casual or formal. In this way, we are going to present some recommendations so that she looks splendid in this new year:

Short hair with marked bangs paraded: This haircut and hairstyle is recommended for those girls who want to wear short hair, and have it fine, in this way it will give more volume to the hair, and if your skin tone allows it, wear it blonde, since it It will be the trend for this new year, and it also looks very modern. It will undoubtedly be one of the most worn cuts and hairstyles in 2020.

Midi manes: They will be one of the most trending styles for the winter season of 2020, betting on an intermediate length that will allow you to create different hairstyles for those special occasions, whether casual or formal. Midi hair is usually worn just below the shoulders.

As for the shape of the midi hair for this new year, the trend will be to wear them very smooth, with the parting on the side or in the middle, both ways will look great, and without a doubt it will be fashionable.

But, if you want to wear your midi hair at shoulder length, you can also accompany it with slightly tousled waves, not very marked, to give a fresh touch to your style; We highly recommend this option, because it will be one of the cuts and hairstyles that will surely be a hit in 2020.

Asymmetrical cuts for round faces: The cuts and hairstyles for round faces seek to outline or lengthen the face, so you should opt for those that are asymmetric, because the differences in levels hide the roundness. Likewise, you can opt for cuts and hairstyles with decanted bangs; which make the style look fresher and more youthful.

The middle hair: If a medium length is preferred, it should be cut in layers and add some waves to give the hair volume, drawing attention to the shape of the hair, and not the roundness of the face.

The curly hair: Wearing curly hair will be one of the trends that will reign in 2020, so cuts and hairstyles with this style should be taken into account by those bold women who love changes and fashion challenges. So, if your hair is naturally curly, you’re in luck, because you won’t need artifice to be fashionable in 2020.

Long Bob Style for Curly Hair: Another of the cuts and hairstyles that will be talked about in 2020 are the different long bob style options for curly hair; but leaving the curls somewhat loose, in order to get more movement, and opt for a fresh and modern style.

Bob style with medium hair: It will undoubtedly be one of the cuts and hairstyles that many girls of all ages will wear; It will make them look more modern and practical, adding an open fringe. Likewise, you can opt for the same style, but with short haircuts, with voluminous bangs, side hairstyles, to give it a daring and different touch.

Layers and waves for elongated faces: Cutting your hair in layers, adding waves, will draw attention to your hair and not your face, while still looking very modern and stylish. You can also opt for cuts and layered hairstyles, which are shorter on top, which will make the face look rounder.

Open bangs: Unlike other years, for 2020 the cuts and hairstyles will be accompanied by more open bangs and not so closed; They will also be worn straight, adding waves to the hair, which will give a modern and irreverent touch.

long haircuts: For the manes, cuts with layers and with a slight asymmetry will be worn, which will give them more movement; opting for a plain look with a parting down the middle or on the side; and if it is curly, it will not be as long, so you should opt for half-lengths or midi lengths.

As for hairstyles, the one that will shine and be the leader of 2020 is hair with a low ponytail, accompanied by a scarf, leather ribbons, an invisible rubber band, among other accessories. For example, if you opt for a fringe, it can be accompanied by a scarf; which will be a good option to also show off a bun or collected hair.

Among the hairstyles for 2020, there is also the low ponytail with hoops; as well as tousled bob-style cuts; and wavy hair, which will be worn smooth with strands of different shades; and that will undoubtedly give variety to the range of styles that will be a trend in 2020.