Family of souls: Know everything about them

The family of heart or also known as family of souls, are those people with whom you feel a special connection that goes beyond a family tie for having the same blood. If we remember, since we are little, we have been taught the importance of the blood family, having as a pillar before friends, partner or someone external.

Giving a lot of emotional charge to the blood family, letting very few talk to us about that family that we have by choice but by pleasure. The one that is genuine and you would not change for anything, however complicated everything may be. We can’t deny or affirm anything but it is likely that you have felt this kind of love and connection with someone without even noticing it.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with it because they are people who vibrate in the same tune as you, family of souls that motivate you to be that best version of yourself and improve yourself. Quite the contrary to some people who, although they may share the same blood, it is difficult to realize how they absorb your energy. It is not about fighting and looking for who is better or worse, simply to stop giving value to unimportant things and pay attention to that intuition that does not fail because of the connections you may have with those people.

Types of soul families

The family of alchemist fairies

These souls give the impression of being on the moon, as absent. You have chosen to incarnate not because you like density, not at all. They have come because their presence helps to transmute matter. We could say that they are genuine living transformers. Their ability to volatilize a lot of things without even realizing it makes them feel like they are losing everything.

If they get to know each other better and know who they are, they can apply their power and use it in healing, in communication, in all trades and professions in the world. They can transmute everything around them, which means focusing on a vibrational state and activating it in such a way that it loses its identity to merge with the divine principle.

The family of healers

There is a great and important family that encompasses many souls. It has many nuclei and has hidden itself to form other families. This is the family of healers. The souls that compose it transmit the fluid of healing and lavish it in every possible way.

These souls have received many initiations into their hands, their hearts and their consciousness. Healing energy permeates every cell. They should not look for it in the neighbor or in any magic potion, because it lives inside them. Some techniques amplify it, and the initiations received increase the expansion and transmission of that fluid. Members of this family not only contain it but also channel and spread it.

The family of mechanics

They are souls who come to repair the planet. They are repairers, or rather healing agents who are experts in the mechanics and repair of certain circuits of the planetary fabric. They are often accompanied by pillars or shamans within their earthly family; it may be that, for example, the parents are mechanics, that some children are shamans and other pillars and that they act in unison.

These souls take charge of the environment, of the elements contained in the subsoil, the air or the atmosphere, hence the name «mechanics» Although they can adopt an earthly identity very little related to that, it is easy to find them «at ground level». I usually». They feel a great need to take care of the Earth, for example planting trees where there are none. In the afterlife, mechanics repair the all-encompassing energy field, a kind of magnetic veil that is part of conscious universes.

the family of shamans

From the family of warriors also arises that of shamans, which is still in a phase of evolution; it is not completely stabilized because there is still the possibility of a new division. These souls have decided, among other things, to accompany the flow of shamanism on planet Earth.

They continually engage in balancing the fluids of the planet with the interplanetary fluids. They do not necessarily and exclusively incarnate in the Amerindian people: the shaman can be Russian or Yugoslav or Chinese. In the hereafter the creeds are conspicuous by their absence. The shaman is the soul’s own vibration, and his mission is to help the planet and all its elements heal and align their vibrations. These souls are transmitters of the fluid of transformation.