If something has characterized women over time, it is the search for elements that allow them to improve their way of looking and feeling good, it is there where accessories such as false nails have created a before and after in reference to world fashion.

False nails have multiple benefits that allow in addition to providing beauty to a womanthe almost complete customization of this part of the body that is so fundamental when it comes to dressing and looking like a true princess before any commitment.

The search for that differentiating value is precisely the ultimate goal of any woman when it comes to looking good and it is precisely that touch that false nails can give, being able to adapt to shapes, sizes and colors to suit the person.

But before knowing the benefits of false nails we must know where they came from, the material to create them was invented in 1957, being invented by a dentist who tried to repair a damaged nail with acrylic powder used to heal teeth. Initially, acrylic nails were called «Patinail», because the first stores to offer them were called Patricia Still.

Behind acrylic nails there is a lot of history that has been improving and embellishing them from their creation to what we know today, however, it was in 1990 when this type of nails truly became fashionable, giving women the greatest variety of possible designs. to choose.

When talking about the benefits of these nails, without a doubt one of the most outstanding is that their design is very durable, it can be done with colors and the decoration chosen by the person. As for her care, everything will depend on hygiene and the concerns that the woman takes.

Acrylic nails can significantly lengthen short natural nails, which is a problem for many that this part of the body does not grow naturally, it is a thin solution and sometimes with gel, which means that its weight will be somewhat lighter .

Among the most used acrylic nails are fiberglass and silk, but both must be painted necessarily because sometimes the material is very noticeable.

Today the world of acrylic nails has evolved significantly, until reaching the implantation of this trend in the toes, both in women and in men who in some countries are sticking to this culture that grows stronger every day. .

It must be taken into consideration that the placement of acrylic nails on the feet will generate greater sacrifices for the care that must exist, because the feet are a very exposed area and are also prone to conditions such as fungi.

Among the recommendations to have this type of nails are that the placement must be with a trusted person, hygiene and retouching must be constant, so the economic aspect must always be evaluated. To maintain feminine beauty there will never be a limit, only good taste should prevail to look great.