Over the years, the human body has undergone great changes; these sometimes depend on the trend or fashion that is in turn, it varies even in different continents and countries.

The term beauty has become very subjective for that reason, we can see how big noses can be attractive in some places, as well as short hair or even skin color. In some countries, abundant hair is a striking appearance for the opposite sex, in others, on the contrary, the less, the better.

In the search for beauty there are parameters and guidelines in each area, and the case of the eyebrows is no exception. These have become a fashion accessory, especially in Latin America, generating great controversy among women: if they are big, small, long, short, black, brown, thick, sparse, thick or defined but above all very bushy

Many women seek to be up to date with fashion, and therefore subject their body to the changes that are necessary to achieve it, whether it is painting, cutting, outlining or plucking the hair above the eyes.

But the new option of eyebrow extensions has also been revolutionary. Yes, they are a key part of any makeup, they give a striking look to the eyes, it is an ideal plan for those women who want to increase volume immediately. This simple change can add big nuances to your appearance.

It is common for your eyebrows to have lost thickness, a natural shape and even an excessive separation between eyebrow and eyebrow has been created, as a result of waxing for years, following the nineteenth-century tradition of removing all the hair that grew around your eyes, which seemed to be your biggest enemy by then. It is usual to use tweezers and hot wax to give it the shape you are looking for.

But now, how do these new eyebrow extensions work? Well, this type of treatment consists of adding hair to its natural hair fibers, through hypoallergenic glues.

The hair that is added is synthetic, so you do not have to worry about the fact that it will be damaged by contact with water. The application is done hair by hair, which provides a more natural effect.

For your greatest satisfaction, there are many beauty centers that can offer you various shades, even if it is synthetic hair, to choose the one that is closest to your natural eyebrow color. Depending on each eyebrow, the application of the hair can take between half an hour or an hour.

A different option in the face of any insecurity that aesthetics may represent, there are no excuses to look messy, problem eyebrows are a thing of the past, this may be the option you have been waiting for. Don’t be afraid to try to improve your appearance with this trend, the good thing is that it doesn’t leave any permanent results. Enjoy your new eyebrows.