The eternity ring it has become a staple of jewelry. It is used to celebrate special and symbolic occasions of eternal love. These eternity rings can be found in many designs, styles, and prices. Are you planning to buy or give away a eternity ring? Check it out! Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful jewel, from its symbolism to its types, so that you can make a good choice. Read to the end!

What is an eternity ring?

A eternity ring is a metal band without beginning or end. It is surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones, lined up side by side for the entire length of the ring. It is called an «eternity» ring because it symbolizes the eternal.

These rings are often used as wedding bands, but they have other functions as well. There are a variety of designs when it comes to eternity rings, whether they are highly embellished or very simple.

Difference between eternity ring and wedding ring

The main difference between these two types of rings is that an eternity ring can be a type of wedding ring, but not all wedding rings are eternity rings. As we mentioned, eternity rings also have multiple functions and can be worn for various reasons.

Symbolism of the eternity rings

This type of ring is very symbolic and this is part of its endless appeal. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes eternity, but it also represents equality, wholeness, perfection and eternal love. Diamonds alone symbolize love, fidelity, strength, purity, trust, and truth.

When the symbolism of rings and diamonds come together, the result is a jewel that has a lot of meaning. It is ideal as a gift between couples, family and very close friends.

When is an eternity ring given?

While eternity rings were initially intended for an older demographic, this is no longer the case. Since the 1960s, the eternity ring It has become a favorite among couples of all ages.

Eternity rings or bands are commonly worn as wedding bands and given to the bride by the groom at the altar. They are also a popular wedding anniversary gift.

For this ring there are no rules when giving them away. Some couples choose an eternity ring as their engagement ring. Others give it as a promise ring, a birthday gift, a Valentine’s gift, or a special gift for a new mom.

In short, if you’re considering whether an eternity ring is right for the occasion you have in mind, it probably is.

How to wear an eternity ring?

For those who choose an eternity ring as their wedding band, strictly speaking, it would make sense to wear the ring on the ring finger of the left hand. This is known as the wedding ring finger.

However, if your eternity ring is an anniversary gift, new mom gift, or worn to commemorate some other occasion, you can wear the ring on any finger that feels comfortable. Again, there are no rules about this, so let her choose what feels right to her.

An interesting fact

There are two main categories that eternity rings can be found in: full eternity and half eternity.

Full eternity refers to a ring where the stones surround the entire circumference of the ring. For its part, half of eternity only has stones that surround half of the circumference.

Full eternity rings can be more expensive than half eternity rings as they have more diamonds and require more work. They are also more difficult to resize.

Types of eternity ring settings

The type of setting eternity ring It is also extremely important, since it is what gives each ring a certain peculiarity. There are four main types:

Claw setting in eternity ring

The claw setting, also called a pin setting, is the most common type of pin setting. eternity ring. Features prongs that hold diamonds securely in place. These spikes can be seen from the sides and from the top view of the ring.

Ring channel settings of eternity

With this type of setting, the diamonds are set in a groove or channel in the metal. Diamonds are often set flush against or just below the metal and are set side by side with no metal separating them. The benefit of the channel setting is that it can be more secure than a claw setting and creates a smooth, continuous line of diamonds that encircle the band.

Pavé setting in eternity ring

Pavé settings contain diamonds that are set together in the metal like pave stones, hence the name. When small melees of diamonds are used, it is known as a micro pave setting. This setting on an eternity ring is very brilliant due to the large number of diamonds used.

Cut setting on eternity rings

With this type of setting, the diamonds are set in a cut in the metal that holds the stones securely. There are no visible metal spikes or grooves to hold them in place, allowing for more exposure of the stone to light, thus increasing the light output of diamonds.

What is the best metal for eternity rings?

Most diamond eternity rings are set in platinum or gold. This is because these metals are not only prestigious and precious, they are also durable, valuable and aesthetically pleasing. Setting diamonds in sterling silver or alternative metals such as titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten would devalue the diamonds themselves. After all, a eternity ring diamond is meant to be a prestigious piece of jewelry.

Can an eternity ring be resized?

One of the main problems with full eternity rings is that they are very difficult, if not impossible, to resize. It all comes down to the skill of the jeweler and if he is willing to do the job in the first place, but most retailers will not accept this. However, half eternity bands can be resized.