Essences to attract money and luck (and attract business clients) esoteric

Essences to attract money and luck We have recently been asked a series of questions related to essences, such as the following:

What are the essences to attract money and luck? Are there essences for good luck? Could you post esoteric essences to attract customers? What are the esoteric essences for money? Is it true that there are essences to attract business customers? What is the essence of quick luck and what does it consist of?

Next, we will answer these questions. However, it is important to note, first, that in order to successfully use essences to attract money and luck, it is necessary to change our concept of money. Let’s see how to do it:


General features

Money is a materialized energy that makes exchanges between people possible and, above all, helps multiply important aspects of our lives that produce well-being and happiness.

We grow up in a culture in which money is seen as something “dirty”, and even “religiously negative” or that only a chosen few can deserve. At the mercy of totally erroneous beliefs based on religious principles, we learn that money does not bring benefits and that it is a «sin» to want it excessively.

However, it is a fact that money has always been very important in all of our lives. From the moment that man learned to trade and live in society, money began to play a fundamental role in making these exchanges fairer and fairer. Thinking that money makes comfort possible, it is clear that we begin to see it in a wiser and certainly happier way.

Free will directs our personal power to choose success or failure, and then what we are going to accomplish in the world with the money we earn becomes the sole responsibility of each of us.

Reframe your inner beliefs. Realize that money can be a great ally, that success is waiting for you and that the Universe is so rich that it always has a lot to offer you. Therefore, below, we present the essences to attract money and luck that are very effective.


What are they and how are they used?

Essences to attract money and luck # 1 Essence of basil It is recommended to always have on hand, mainly in your own business, essence of basil. Put, daily, a few drops of basil essence in a corner of the room.

Essences to attract money and luck # 2 Cinnamon essence Known for its qualities to attract good luck, the essence of cinnamon has been used since ancient times for prosperity. Rub your wallet with cinnamon essence when you think you need it to have a little more money.

Essences to attract money and luck #3 Essence of cardamom This spice is special to reject all kinds of envy that can impede the economic growth of a family business. Unfortunately, in this society, some people in the environment tend to be jealous and generate vibrations that are not pleasant. So that luck can smile at us and that nobody bothers it, we will use the essence of cardamom.

Procedure for luck: We pour in all the corners of the commercial establishment a few drops of cardamom essence, thinking that all the envy generated will be diluted in the essence. It gives very good results.

Essences to attract money and luck #4 Essence of cumin It was widely known and used in ancient times, preferred by King Solomon and Pliny. It continues to perfume bread in Europe today just as it did in the Middle Ages. It is beneficial to create good environments.

It is recommended to place a couple of drops in the corners of the business for a good atmosphere of harmony and peace and to facilitate the entry of money.

Essences to attract money and luck # 5 Essence of nutmeg This small nut that grows on large trees is highly aromatic and was once considered very valuable. Nowadays its essence can be used as an object of good luck to obtain greater profits in the gambling. Likewise, it serves to generate luck in the projects to be carried out in the future.

Procedure for luck A few drops of nutmeg essence put in a glass of gin will help to achieve projects as soon as we start them.

Essences to attract money and luck #6 Essence of pepper She is one of the queens of esoteric essences, strong and brave. Throughout her history, she has accompanied the victors in life and in her battles.

Procedure for luck: To increase the community property, we will carry a handkerchief that has been soaked in pepper essence. To benefit from an economic situation, we will try to pour a few drops of pepper essence into the cash register of the business.

Lottery tickets or gambling items can be rubbed with pepper oil. Then you have to leave them in a jar with peppercorns until the day of the draw. Before a testrubbing the neck with a couple of drops of pepper essence will bring luck in the test.

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Essences to attract money and luck #7 Turmeric essence It is said to have the power to attract luck in business. Spread a couple of drops in the four corners of your business.

Essences to attract money and luck #8 Vanilla essence Excellent for its aroma, it is also a participant in the luck factor. It has sexual enhancer characteristics. To do this, we will put a few drops of vanilla essence in a glass with gin and let it macerate for a month. Sexual tone is recovered by taking 10 to 15 drops at night. It has, on the other hand, the magic of generating beneficial friendships in every way.

To relate commercially and like each other, we will rub vanilla essence on the chest and forehead at night. To enhance any document that has to do with income, we will gently rub it with a drop of vanilla.


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