Esoteric powers of parsley: Discover why it is powerful

Here we present the esoteric powers of parsley. From its history to the rituals that you can do with ease. Keep reading us.


The generic name of parsley, Petroselinum, comes from the Greek Petrol, which means stone or rock, due to the rocky soils in which it usually grows. It is native to the island of Sardinia from where it spreads to all the Mediterranean countries.


During the Middle Ages, parsley was associated with magical powers, with the popular belief that if the name of the enemy was mentioned while it was uprooted, it would die immediately.

The Greeks believed that parsley germinated in the spilled blood of Archemorus, whom they considered a great hero.

Parsley helps us in spells related to physical well-being; restores health, strength and vitality, it is widely used in rituals to attract money and good luck in business.

To counteract the malevolent effects of parsley, it was recommended to plant it on Holy Thursday and offer a little parsley to Saint Pancras, a Christian martyr under Diocletian, to attract wealth. The custom of offering parsley to Saint Pancras still persists and it is not uncommon to see in some trades the saint with a sprig of parsley.

In the esoteric world, the properties of parsley are used to perform rituals of all kinds; from attracting money in games of chance or improving luck in business.

In discussions with neighbors, a small leaf of parsley is dropped at the entrance of the enemy’s house and he will no longer bother us.

When there are tensions in the workplace, put a little parsley in the drawer of the office table, you can also carry it in a pocket during the workday and it will avoid any discussion with colleagues or bosses.

If you grow it, never cut it with scissors or a knife, pull it out by hand. If you are married and want to break up your relationship, order him to cut parsley for you to cook, soon you will be divorced from your partner.

To attract money to your home or business: put six coins in a glass vase, water with three tablespoons of sugar and a bunch of parsley. Change the water every three days. When the parsley withers, deposit it between some stones in the field. It will give you luck.

parsley properties

Parsley is mainly used for protection. It is usual that this protection is related to the family environment. It is sought that all members of the family remain intact both physically and spiritually. Parsley is used to deal with spells such as the evil eye and diseases.

On the other hand, parsley is a magical plant that helps improve people’s physical and mental well-being. End episodes of depression, sadness and anguish while providing greater energy and optimism to the body and brain. It’s like a shot of energy and youth. In this regard, parsley restores health.

Another of the properties of parsley is the ability to confer strength and vitality. People learn to draw strength from within to face situations that seem about to consume them. It is useful to prevent us from throwing in the towel prematurely.

Parsley is also effective in attracting money and good luck in business. It improves memory and creativity as strong points to propose interesting projects or ideas. The salary increase is related to proposals and productivity at work thanks to the magical properties of parsley.

Parsley ritual to have money


  • bunch or bunch of parsley
  • A glass with three quarters of water
  • a tablespoon of sugar
  • A legal tender currency note from your country


The ticket is taken and presented to the 4 cardinal points, turning to the right (like the hands of the clock) while saying this phrase:

“That I never miss home, dressed and sustenance, above all the blessing of God”

The ticket is folded towards one and placed in the glass with the sugar (which has also been placed and moved with the spoon like the hands of the clock). The mallet of parsley is placed as if we were putting flowers in water and ends by praying the Our Father three times.

If the water changes color, don’t worry, the elements are cleaning and lacking. When the parsley dries, throw it in the trash and thank it for having absorbed the negativity from our home. The ticket is used to buy food – less salt.

If you perform the ritual for the second time put a ticket of the highest denomination you can place, at the end use the ticket to buy other items (clothes, perfume, etc.), it is very important that you share your abundance with others (such as like parsley has shared its properties with you).

Ritual with parsley for abundance


  • 1 handful of parsley
  • Water
  • 1 pot
  • 5 yellow roses
  • 5 drops of patchouli essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


In a pot, boil the parsley with the yellow roses and the drops of patchouli essential oil. When it cools, add honey and dissolve. The bathtub is filled and this preparation is added to the bath. These baths should be taken five times a week, but never on a Saturday or Sunday.

Ritual with parsley to get a job


  • A figure of the saint
  • Three current currencies
  • a glass cup
  • Water
  • sprigs of parsley
  • ceramic saucer
  • three yellow candles


Place the image or figure of Saint Pancras in a place where it can remain undisturbed for the duration of the ritual. Next to the image, place the glass.

Put the three coins in the glass, and then fill it halfway with water. Place the sprigs of parsley inside the glass cup, with water, right next to San Pancracio. The next step in the San Pancracio ritual is to fervently pray a prayer to the Saint.

Light the yellow (or white) candle, placed on the ceramic saucer in front of the image of Saint Pancras, and pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary, an Apostles’ Creed and a Glory Be.

Let the candle burn down completely. Repeat the ritual for three days in a row, always at the same time. At the end of the three-day cycle, you can put away the ritual elements.

Discard the water down the drain. Candle scraps and parsley sprigs can be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins. Keep the three coins and the rest of the ritual elements.

You can weekly place a sprig of parsley, in a glass of water, before the image of San Pancracio, as an offering. Remember that the figure or stamp of San Pancracio must be given as a gift, not bought by you.