Esoteric candles and their meaning (what are esoteric candles for)

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning The old esoteric schools defended that, as far as possible, the objects necessary for a ritual should be made by oneself.

The reason is that a lot of time, and therefore a lot of attention, is devoted to the ritual in this way, which is indicative of personal motivation.

In this way, all ritual objects are optimally charged with personal thoughts and vibrations and become a very personal tool. Let’s see, next, the vesoteric eladoras and their meaning


yes symbolism

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (what are they for) #1 Richly Symbolic The flame of the burning candle represents the light of the teachings and is symbolic of the state of Enlightenment. However, the flame can also represent the impermanence of form. In this way, esoteric candles are a bridge between both realities: they are from the realm of form, but they are also in contact with the infinite and ever renewed compassion from which all forms arise.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (what are they for) #2 Add an Element of Ceremony When using esoteric candles, the act of lighting them can function as an anchor to help you more easily enter the meditative or contemplative state.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (what are they for) #3 A reminder of our true nature and destiny The flame of the esoteric candle symbolizes the inner light. It can serve as a continual reminder of our fundamental reality and the destiny of each and every one of us.

It has been said that the state of enlightenment is not represented by the blowing of a candle; is that the candle can finally be put out because the sun has risen and daylight has come.

We have seen the meaning of esoteric candles and now let’s see how to make them at home. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance; everything is to begin, and quickly you will acquire the necessary practice.


The symbolism of the flames

The candle flames have a meaning depending on how they are presented. Let’s look at these below:

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #1 If the flame gives off small sparks (flame sparks) in the air: it is a sign of tensions, disappointments or difficulties.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #2 Spiral flame – warning not to expose dreams and plans, before they come true, so that there are no interferences and influences from others.

the vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #3 Flame that wavers – changes and transformations will take place, for the better.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #4 The candle flame does not light up: charged environment, it is necessary to improve the energy of the person and the environment.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #5 Bright wick tip (glowing ball at the tip of the wick): beneficial sign of good events and achievements.

the vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #6 The flame burns the entire candle: warning that the request and the intention were sent to the spiritual plane, successfully.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #7 When the flame of the candle, when burning, forms a ladder to the side: you have to know how to wait, because to reach the intention, it will take time to crystallize.

vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #8 If the candle does not burn all the paraffin: it is a sign that there is interference from negative forces, it is advisable to rekindle the candle and insist on the intention with faith.

the vesoteric eladoras and their meaning (flames) #9 The flame of the wick goes out, before melting the entire candle: in addition to praying and addressing the superior, the person also needs to do their part, so that their intention is realized.


Other meanings of the flame

Red flame: favorable period for the request to be carried out and the intention to be carried out.
Bright flame: indicates that the prayer or request will be answered soon.
The weak flame: indicates that the faith must be stronger, the intention firmer and the request reinforced.
Low Flame: There will be a delay in fulfilling the request.
Twisted candle: more balance is needed to avoid difficulties.
Candle that takes time to light or does not light: too much negativity, which makes it difficult to communicate with the upper world and connect with the Guardian angel and the Divinity.
Hesitating caller: the request will be made, but with some changes.
Flame that goes up and down: dispersion, the person has no focus and does not concentrate on his intention, because the mind is confused.
Wick that splits in two: request made, in an indecisive and uncertain way.
The candle “weeps” (the flame melts the paraffin, which is in a liquid state around the wick): Difficulty fulfilling the request.
The flame does not burn the entire wick and paraffin remains: we must return more to spirituality and concentrate on prayer.


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