Esoteric and biblical names (spiritual meaning of names)

Esoteric names For those who have faith and really believe in the spiritual world, life decisions should be based on what faith indicates as a way to seek direction and an appropriate solution to a situation.

In the same way that this can be applied to any field of life, in the case of the choice of names the same can also happen, to be sure of choosing a name that is not only beautiful, but also has a strong meaning in the spiritual realm.

During pregnancy, the woman or even the couple has the opportunity to investigate and choose an excellent name for her future child that is being generated, this moment is of great importance and therefore, it must be done with attention, love and care for the choice. of the name and above all, taking into account the meaning of the names in the spiritual world, for those who believe.


names and the bible

There is a multitude of names that can be chosen for a newborn, with a wide variation in origin and meaning.

In most cases, the people who choose Biblical names or those that have to do with their religion are those who already participate and have their faith rooted and also the desire to transmit their faith to their children and the family they will form.

As the name can also be understood as a word of blessing when we call a person, we are not only saying the name, but also prophesying and proclaiming that meaning over his life.

In some cases it may be easier to understand this situation when a person has the name of Gabriel, for example, which means «Messenger of God» or even Rafael, which means «Healing or Miracle of God».

In these cases specifically it is almost like a prayer, calling Gabriel’s name asking him to be the messenger, the mouthpiece of God and Raphael to bring God’s healing or even to be healed by God’s intervention.

Variations of the name Gael, Gabriela, Raphael and others may be spelled or spoken differently, however, being based on and originating from these names, the meaning may be the same.


Meaning of names in the Bible

Here we present several meanings of the names that appear in the Bible.

Matthew Mateo is a biblical name originating from the Hebrew Mattiyyah, which means «gift from God», «gift from Yahweh», «gift from God», «gift from God». He is the name of one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and who also wrote four gospels of the Bible.

Malachi The name has its origin in the Hebrew Malaqhiáh / mal’ākhī, composed by the union of the terms malaqn, which means “messenger”, and lah, which means Yahweh (God).

Emmanuel Beautiful name with which Jesus Christ was called, has its origin in the Hebrew Emanuel, composed of the elements immánu, which means «with us», and El, which means «God» or «Lord». Emanuel acquires the meaning of «God (is) with us».

saul This name carries a symbolism that refers to a promise from God or a miracle from God. Being the Greek version of the Hebrew Chaul, it means «one who was highly desired», «one who was earnestly requested» or «one who was obtained through prayers».

Adiel This biblical name is much more unknown, naming some characters from the Old Testament. It comes from the Hebrew Adiel, formed by the union of the elements adi, which means «ornament» and El, which means «God». Let’s see, then, more about esoteric and spiritual names


The name and its spiritual and esoteric power

In some religions it is possible for a person to receive a new name when starting their activities, as a way of receiving a new life by starting to participate in a religion and in some cases even with a new lifestyle.

Situations like this can occur when the name a person received from their parents does not mean anything special to them, or simply has no meaning, strong or not. Since everything in the spiritual environment has a meaning, and sometimes a very important meaning, the new name can really bring a new life to the person.

Before or during the baptism, some religions allow the selection of a new name and this is even a very old custom that usually the grandparents or godparents chose a second name for the child at the time of his baptism, believing that in this way, the child could be more blessed and receive greater blessings and favors from heaven, especially when the name chosen by the parents were not biblical names, saints or even, that referred to the faith practiced by the family.


Meaning of some esoteric and spiritual names

Below we present several esoteric names that have a strong meaning in the spiritual world.

Abel: Indicates an adventurous person

Ada: happy, prosperous and indicates a very caring person

Adam: the red earth and, by extension, the man created from the earth, from the mud

Adeline, Aline: realistic to the extreme

Barbara: foreign, and is associated with an original person who is always looking for something new

beatrice: the one that makes others happy

Bernard: strong as a bear and indicates a person who shows little enthusiasm when he has to improvise;

Daniel: God is my judge indicates a person who does not care too much about the opinion of others.

Darlene: is love and predisposes the child to be spoiled, competitive and jealous

David: favourite, loved and indicates a person who seizes every opportunity for success by displaying competence and dedication

Deborah: bee and indicates a person who has exceptional willpower

Fabiana: bean that grows and predisposes the person to be increasingly successful in all their endeavors

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Fatima: splendid maiden, indicates a person who knows how to listen to intuition and does not cling to old-fashioned rules

Fernanda: is bold and indicates that she is a tireless fighter, who carries everything she starts to the end and almost always achieves positive results. These are just some of the thousands of name suggestions, but they have a very strong meaning, mainly in the spiritual world.

Ferdinand: Son of happiness and indicates a person who is always analyzing his feelings

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