Energy or energetic vampires. How to protect yourself from them?

Energy vampires as protection / amulet against energy vampires There are people who have the strange ability to absorb other people’s energies. Some of them talk nonstop or do not give up their role at any time, which is exhausting for those present.

Others, even if they remain silent, make us feel uncomfortable, emanate negative emotions and have an attitude of always asking to be taken care of, that they are more in need of attention than anyone else, that they suffer a lot, etc. Both types of people absorb the energies of others, so we end up avoiding them whenever possible.

However, when it is necessary to stay close to them anyway because it is a co-worker or a very close family member, it is necessary to develop a shield to repel and defend yourself in such a way as to avoid losing life energy.

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Energy vampires how to protect themselves: Rituals

There is a White Magic ritual that can be carried out. The objective is not so much to get rid of these people, but, fundamentally, to help them change, thus getting them to leave us alone while building a protective wall around us to prevent them from stealing energy from us.

As the ceremony is a ritual that includes candles, it will be necessary to do it at night, starting on the first day of the full moon.

Required Items

Three sheets of white paper

A wide mouth glass


a head of garlic

A dash of olive oil

Fifteen grains of anise

Three teaspoons of rosemary

a white candle

If seawater is not available, add a tablespoon of coarse sea salt to a glass of running water. If it is difficult to obtain dried rosemary leaves or flowers, use it ground; the one contained in the spice jars is used for this.

Ritual: first night

  • Recite the first prayer to ask God for permission.
  • On one of the sheets, add a teaspoon of rosemary and five grains of anise.
  • Fill two-thirds of a wide-mouth glass with water and, if it is not from the sea, add a tablespoon of salt, stirring it afterwards.
  • Carefully pour a splash of olive oil into the glass so that it floats on the surface, covering it completely.
  • Put the head of garlic in the glass but upside down.
  • Light the white candle with a wooden match or with another candle and drop seven drops on the glass while reciting the second prayer. Drop another seven drops of wax on the rosemary while saying the third prayer.
  • Blow out the candle.
  • Fold the foil with the rosemary and anise inside, making a package as small as possible.
  • Leave the glass with the water and the garlic in the open air, exposed to the light of the Moon.
  • At bedtime, put the package with the rosemary under the pillow.

Ritual: second night

• Recite the first prayer to ask God for permission.

• On a new sheet of paper, add another teaspoon of rosemary and five grains of anise.

• Light the candle, put seven drops on the garlic saying the second prayer.

• Pour the seven drops on the rosemary and anise.

• Proceed as on the previous day, leaving, in this case, two packages under the pillow.

Ritual: third night

  • Repeat the steps of the second night, but this time, instead of blowing out the candle, let it burn out completely.

The symbols of the ritual

Water represents our psychic energy while the oil with which we cover its surface serves as insulation.

The head of garlic drives away people who want to take away our energies. Finally, rosemary is an excellent purifier of all environments and anise helps to renew strength, to face tiredness and sadness.


The first prayer is intended to ask the Moon and the forces of the night for permission to enter their domains and thank them for their help:

It’s a dark night

How dark is life

Who steals my energy?

I ask my God for your advice and help

For me and for those unfortunates.

Thank my God,

For listening and caring for me.

Thank you for granting me this wish that I ask of you. The second sentence is intended to request that the people who steal our energy understand that they must obtain it from themselves:

O blessed Saint Cyprian! You who have found the right path,

Guide those who seize my strength And give them courage and wisdom. We are everything and we are one. The third prayer is intended to purify the environment around us, protect us and replenish our energies:

May the power of rosemary join the dream And make my body replenish its strength.

May Diois inspire me and protect me from all evil.

After the third night, wrap the garlic that has been in the glass and bury it face up. Then water it with the water from the glass.

The packages with rosemary and anise can be put together in one to keep them somewhere in the house to purify the environment and give us strength.


Energy vampires how to protect yourself from those who frequently visit the house

This type of vampire can be a friend or childhood friend, cousin or even neighbor. One way to prevent it from absorbing energy is through the following ritual:

Place a green candle on a wooden plate, or something similar. Leave this candle burning for a whole night (be careful not to fall and turn on something in the house like the curtains). The next day, clean this plate which will be like a magic shield.

To activate it, you must stand in front of the front door of the house, take with both hands the plate. Slowly bring it to the top of his head, then to the front of his chest. Subsequently, to the right of his body and to the left.

Finally, it should be brought closer to the right foot, then to the left. Finally, from that day on, a novena to Saint Michael the Archangel should be prayed, always with the plate facing the door as if it were a mirror that repels the negative.


Energy vampires how to protect themselves: Work vampires

Many people when they are at work frequently suffer from lack of concentration, physical pain and feel that a general malaise invades them especially when a certain person is close to them.

To protect yourself from this situation, thyme and wormwood should be placed inside a red envelope. Then, write on different pieces of paper the names of the people you feel drain your energies.

Close it with sealing wax or glue and say: «If you want to bother, look for your name on the envelope, stay there until the herbs hold you back, clean or dissuade you.» Hide the envelope in your workplace. Every time the person is near, take the envelope and shake it repeating the sentence.


Energy vampires how to protect themselves: Vampire boyfriend or girlfriend

If it has been discovered that the boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever has a relationship is an energy vampire and you want this situation to end, you can use the following ritual:

Grease your hands with a few drops of cooking oil. Then, the name of the person must be written on a piece of paper and, next to it, place her name. Hold the paper between both hands, palm to palm, as if you were going to pray and, shaking them, say three times: «United we were in a harmful bond.» Open your hands, stare at the other person’s name and repeat three more times: «It’s time to walk away and say goodbye.»

Then, take a pair of scissors, which you have previously dipped three times in holy water, and cut the paper in the middle. Keep your name in the pocket closest to your heart and take a handful of coarse salt and throw the paper containing the other person’s name there, Throw the salt and the paper into the sea


Amulet against energy vampires

Amulet against energy vampires or energy vampires # 1: Get seven rose petals, seven jasmine petals, seven sandalwood petals, seven lily petals, seven sunflower, seven for violet, and seven for daisy (don’t harm the plants by doing so and ask permission to take their flowers); collect seven small river stones, of different colors; buy seven quartz and dry the petals in the sun.

Then put all the items in a green charm bag; expose the bag to the sun’s rays, at the time of the new moon, and keep it for seven days under your pillow; carry it with you every day in a pocket, purse, briefcase, or wherever it stays close to your body.

Amulet against energy vampires or energy vampires # 2:
Psychic protection is vital if you think you may have a psychic vampire around you, and in that sense, some stones or crystals can help strengthen your energetic boundaries and prevent someone from absorbing your energy.

Any type of red garnet will do. The Garnet it works in a very unusual way… First of all, it gives you energy if you feel exhausted, so it’s great to have around. When held on your person, it also acts as a decoy for psychic vampires, who will only be able to take energy from the crystal and not you.

Black Obsidian
The message this crystal sends to psychic vampires is «back off!» Sever an existing connection to a psychic vampire with an obsidian arrowhead, which can be worn as a necklace over the heart chakra or solar plexus chakra. Obsidian arrowheads cut through the etheric cables used by psychic vampires to connect with their energy field.

Citrine carries solar energies and we all know what vampires think about that! It works by bringing in high vibrational positive energies that keep people with negative intentions out of your aura and out of your space.

This is a high quality form of labradorite found in Finland (beware of ordinary gray labradorite being sold as this when it is not!). Genuine Spectrolite strengthens your aura and keeps psychic vampires at bay by hiding your energy field from their radar.


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