End key definition (keyboard)

(End key, end key). The End key is the one found on typical computer keyboards, which works as the opposite of the Start key (or Home key).

On Spanish keyboards, the «End» key will say «Fin».

End key functions

In text editors for Windows and Linux, the End key is primarily used to bring the cursor to the end of the line of text where the cursor is currently located. When the text is not editable, the End key is used to take us to the end of the document (this can also be done in editable texts, if you press CTRL + End Key).

For example, on a web page (not editable), if we are in the middle of the document, pressing the End key will go to the end of the document (moving the vertical scroll bar all the way down).

If the End key is pressed together with Shift in editable text, the text from where the cursor is towards the end of the text line (to the right) is selected.

On Apple computers, you must press ⌘ Command + →, to obtain the same result as in Windows.

The end key is part of the editing keys

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