If you like eco-adventures, then the crystal jump It will be your next destination to visit. A mighty column that invites you to enjoy the adrenaline, and in the best company. Every nature lover is a favorite to meet him in the Department of Paraguarí, located in the eastern region of Paraguay. In addition to rappelling, in the crystal jump you can practice creek, climbing, snorkeling and hiking. So, without a doubt, fun is guaranteed for young and old.

The Crystal Leap It towers over the Paraguayan horizon at a height of 45 meters. In the distance, it usually enchants locals and visitors with its majestic free fall of the purest and most crystalline water. Accompanied by the respective guides, it is impossible not to dare to enjoy a different moment in the natural treasure, located a short distance from the city of Ibicuy.

The most practiced sport in Salto Cristal is rappelling. Also known as canyoning, rappelling is a sport that can be done by anyone, of any age. For this, the instructors have specialized equipment, guaranteeing safety at all times. The tour begins with a climb between rocks and roots of nearby trees. And without any fear, well, girls are usually the most daring to venture into the crystal jump All the curious visitors wear a helmet for each discipline, and even children from the age of 10 can descend through of the Crystal Leap.

Seconding the rappel, the brook is the second favorite activity for those who visit the crystal jump But what does it consist of? The stream tries to traverse the flow of the Crystal Leap, either to one side walking or, through its stream in small canoes. Whatever your choice, the crystal jump will make the most wonderful eco-adventure memories.

The Crystal Leap It is located in the Department of Paraguarí, eastern region of Paraguay, located 150 kilometers from its capital, Asunción. Specifically, you will be able to find crystal jump, a short distance from the city of Ibicuy, in the community known as Isla Alta. It won’t be hard to find a way the crystal jumpbecause it is very popular for being the tourist attraction par excellence.

In addition to extreme sports, in the crystal jump you will also be able to rest and put your worries aside. This gift from Mother Earth offers visitors a huge natural pool 17 meters deep from which she can lose track of time enjoying its beautiful scenery. Next to crystal jump, You can also venture into knowing its different streams and forest ecosystems.

“The first thing when they are going to offer something touristy in Paraguay is the Salto Cristal. The Salto Cristal is a wonderful place to visit. I urge people to carry out internal tourism in this place, since it is an unforgettable experience”, assures the instructor, Darío Espinola.