Think about easy hairstyles for office It can be a challenge for those who urgently need to get to work, or for those who already have a daily routine that has limited their creativity. Fortunately, below are a few models that you can draw inspiration from to radiate glamor and authenticity, no matter how much time you have on hand.

The onion or the roll. It has several names according to the region but it has a common value: the great utility of this hairstyle to look elegantly executive. Whether low or high, everything will depend on the mood of the day, or how busy it is going to be. To keep loose hair from getting in the way of every task, all you have to do is create a well-fitted ponytail, with just enough fixative to prevent unwanted strands. Then, after holding all the hair very well, with the remaining hair, start wrapping it around the ponytail. To fasten it, take the necessary bobby pins, and you will be ready to give your best in the office.

Horsetail. Easier than bun or onion. The ponytail, in addition to giving an elegant look, is even faster to do. For a proper ponytail, the only thing you should have on hand is a little hairspray, apply it well throughout the updo, comb as neatly as possible, and then hold it in a good ponytail. A plus is that the hair that hangs can be straight or with beautiful curls. Also, to distinguish it, you can add a bow or bow at the end. Again, it will all depend on your day or your mood.

The braids. Traditional but with unmatched versatility. Whether worn up or down, braids are ideal for those with medium to long hair. While a little fixative will make them easy to do, take precautions before attempting them as you don’t want to arrive at the office with what looks like a bird’s nest.

In case of having an important meeting and being dazzled with an easy but at the same time professional hairstyle, there are the unmatched loose curls. It looks good on both long and short hair. Just make sure you have just enough time to make the most beautiful waves in your hair. And if you dislike hair falling in your face, grab a cute bra to hold up one or both sides, and give that easy hairstyle a little extra.

With a line on the side. Ideal for those who have straight hair and are always bored with looking flat. In addition to the short time it takes, this look is one of the most professional to achieve. All you have to do is, after combing your hair well, with a little help from the fixative, is to draw a lateral line with a comb, from the forehead to the back. Clever!