e-mail address definition

In computing, electronic address is any address that allows computing devices or people to identify and/or communicate with each other within a network (for example, a network such as the Internet).

Therefore an email address will mean different things depending on the context:

– Electronic address as email: sometimes «electronic address» of a person is used to refer to that person’s electronic mail.

– Electronic address of a computer on the Internet: «electronic address» is sometimes used to refer to the IP address, which is the way to identify a computer or a device connected to the Internet.

– Electronic address in a network: it is also the IP address that identifies a computer or connected devices in a computer network.

– Email address as a website: sometimes some use «email address» to refer to the web address of a website. For example: «The electronic address of that company is «.

– Electronic address as a form of general identification: it is likely that in many cases when speaking of «electronic address» it refers to any address or name that allows someone or something to be identified within a network. So the Facebook username, the Skype username, the Twitter username, the ICQ number, etc. could fall into the category of electronic addresses.

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