Crepe paper, is revolutionizing the way to dye hair, because besides being a fun and easy way; It is guaranteed not to damage it with your application. It is an ecological paper by being painted with herbal ingredients that will stay in your hair for a few days only. If you like bold and modern styles, for sure it will make a difference with this temporary dye; that will make it look more daring with bright colors, the taste of your preference.

You can do this at home, without having to go to any beauty salon, likewise, you can save money by knowing the ideal technique to execute it yourself. The first thing to consider is the color that has his hair at the time, whether natural or artificial. The light colors are easier to acquire a range immediately; however, the dark need a longer exposure time with the application to see the results.

Discoloration is necessary sometimes, in order to allow the colors to highlight dramatically. If that is the case, then you should see a specialist hair, so that you make the procedure for security reasons. It is essential that before applying pigmentation, the treatment received on hair had been excellent even a with well-maintained and hydrated tips are necessary, all to achieve a flawless effect; that will not happen if we have neglected and dry.

We recommend you to the letter some “tips”, so you can dye your hair; Using this innovative technique that has revolutionized the world of hairdressing. Place water in a container and take it to heat until hot but do not boil; pour the contents into a cup or two depending on the amount of hair that you want to dye. Divide your hair into two parts or if you prefer, get only one tail.

Then crepe paper cut must be cut into small strips, which you will add directly into cups or single braid wrap it as part of the lock that will expose. Put enough paper so the result is as expected, avoiding the disproportion in the procedure.

Mix with a spoon to release the color completely, let stand for about twenty minutes. After that time, put on gloves to protect your hands from stains and then enter the lock on the container between fifteen and thirty minutes, depending on the intensity you want.

Remove mixture, wrapping it in a towel and gently rubbing. You can dry naturally or use a hair dryer and iron, if you take smooth.

The result is beautiful, your face changes completely and it will be light. Its charm will turn heads as all imagine that out of a hair salon, where you kept waiting for hours for that highlights the spectacular and unique beauty of your hair