Use dressed in sports shoes It may seem crazy to many. Above all, for those who have fashion concepts quite rooted in the past. The ones that still combine the bag with the shoes and the belt. It’s not that it’s bad! But trends have changed and are becoming more risky. Such is the case of combining two styles that at first glance have nothing to do with each other. But, without a doubt, they work very well together.

Many times we choose heels before any other type of shoes. Some consider them more feminine and elegant. But, sports shoes are very versatile. Comfortable and very beautiful, for all the varied models in which they can be found. Plus, they go with everything. With pants, skirts, jeans, panties and, above all, dresses. The latter is perhaps the most “fashion” and bold to combine sports shoes.

This trend has been circulating for some time among the famous and influencers trendy- But, it still captivates with its practicality and how good it looks. For many experts, this is a trend that will forever be among the favorites. In the most stylish streets in the world: New York, Paris, London or Copenhagen, the dressed in sports shoes has seized thestreet style”.

Tips for wearing dress with sports shoes

White sneakers go with everything.

Although white sneakers can be a complete bummer because of how dirty they get. Without a doubt, they are the ones that best combine with everything. So if you choose to take dressed in sports shoes and you’re still not sure if you’ll look good, opt for white sneakers. They can go more unnoticed, and they look super good combined with a dress in all shades, even white. For summer and spring they are an excellent option.

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A dressed in sports shoes They look great on their own. But, if we add elements like a jacket or a blazerit will look even better. A tight dress in a neutral color, with a leather or denim jacket will make you feel confident. She will greatly style the top of her. Also, it will create a contrast between the simplicity of the color of the dress and the texture of the jacket. It will certainly be a successful combination. The touch would be given by white sports shoes type “low–top”. will achieve a look shocking that will steal all eyes.

Browse different dress options

Simple, tight and classic dresses are a good choice. But there are other trends that can work very well with sports shoes. The shirt dress, being very practical and comfortable, is here to stay. And it is a great option to combine them with your sneakers. This shirt dress will help keep her cool throughout the day. Sneakers will give it a more modern touch.

play with patterns

Light strappy dresses with prints are ideal for summer. Generally made in fresh fabrics, such as cotton, they become a «must have” during this season. Combine this kind of dressed in sports shoes It is an excellent alternative, above all, comfortable. It will help you move better, with greater ease. You can combine your outfit with simple accessories that give personality and originality to your outfit.

To use this style, a summer classic is to combine a flowered dress with “converse” style shoes. Loved by everyone from rockers to hipsters, these shoes contrast nicely with the print. They will give you a fun and trendy look that you won’t be able to resist.

Focus on your shoes

If you want to draw attention to your shoes, the best thing to do is to wear colored sneakers, which will make you look fun and young. However, she must take care of the balance and harmony of the outfit. She must find that the shoes match her clothing. If she wants to make her shoes stand out even more, she can wear a monochromatic dress in neutral tones, so that her colorful shoes are the ones that get all the attention. If you are one of those who like to attract attention, choose some printed sneakers, these will be the center of attention of your outfits.

Combine elegant dresses with sports shoes

It may seem a bit far-fetched to you. But, combining sneakers with elegant dresses is a great option to bring out your most “fashionista” and even eccentric side. You might think, at first glance, that open cut dresses are sophisticated and elegant, and that they will only look good with heels, however, you will be surprised at the results when combining them with tennis, it will give you an incredible and original look.

The positive side of wearing sports shoes

When talking about fashion, without a doubt, using this trend is a success in terms of styling and practicality. But, beyond that, it is a fact that changing heels for sports shoes brings great health benefits.

Although they are very cute and make us look fabulous, high heels do have some downsides. First, using them for a long time causes back pain, because pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve. Second, they cause pain in the feet, consequently, pain when walking. Third, you can permanently damage your Achilles tendon and have foot deformities.

Wearing a comfortable shoe, such as athletic shoes, will help you feel better because it will help lessen the impact of walking. Also, you can align the spine and avoid deviations. It is important to clarify that these benefits can be enjoyed if a suitable sports shoe is used.

This must have a stable sole, be light and, above all, comfortable. This will help prevent future injuries and discomfort. There is nothing better than looking beautiful, but feeling good, not only on the outside, but on the inside. Use dressed in sports shoes It will make you feel fresh and free. And very fashionable. So you will see that style does not have to be at odds with comfort and well-being. But to form a union capable of making you look incredible.