Dreaming with Virgin: Interpretations and meanings

To find the meaning of our dreams, we must remember the context and details. Today we bring you the various meanings of dreaming of a virgin. Keep reading us.

Dream of the statue of the virgin

This would be a rather enigmatic vision since it would mean that you have urgent needs that you must meet in aspects of affection, love and acceptance because you would feel that you are not worthy of positive things. This dream is also usually associated with the search for protection, consolation or help in a desperate situation that you would be experiencing today and that would make you experience moments full of sadness and concern as you cannot find the solution to be able to continue forward.

Offerings to the Virgin Mary

If we dream of the Virgin Mary and she receives offerings from us, this is a sign that we are in a stage of health and abundance and we are showing our gratitude for it, it is indicating that we are going through a good period of acceptance and sharing with others. .

dream of the virgin crying

Perhaps it is a representation of your own lament, of your sadness and worries about various things that could be happening around you. Sometimes, this vision would be a reflection of the sad and negative way in which you would be living at this moment and how that reluctance is transferred to areas such as your love relationship, in which you only observe negative things. It would also reveal how you get carried away with bitterness in the face of things that you could solve more intelligently and without resorting to excessive drama.

virgin mary pregnant

If you dream of the Virgin Mary pregnant, it means that you reach a much more prosperous, happy, harmonious or positive stage than the one you are living or have lived. The pregnancy of the Virgin Mary in dreams represents salvation, at the same time prosperity, abundance, happiness, love. In short, it is a very positive dream that predicts prosperity in every way.

Dreaming of the angry Virgin Mary

You are not having a good relationship with your mother, so this dream is a sign for you to find a way to iron out the rough edges you have with your mother and improve family relationships. It is time that together with your family you begin to improve your relationship with your mother before it is too late.

If the Virgin Mary speaks to you

Dreaming that the Virgin Mary speaks to you, tells you something, sends you a message is a very revealing dream since deep down these words are words of help, advice, warning against what you live, what surrounds you or what you have to face. You should remember these words well and reflect on them, since you can find great support and help in these words.

To dream that the Virgin Mary expresses seriousness

Dreaming of the Virgin being serious with us is telling us that perhaps we have been committing actions with ill will towards others, and she tells us that we must make amends. We must be fair with our actions and correct what we have done wrong, especially with the family.

Dream of a procession of the Virgin Mary

A procession or parade of the Virgin Mary or where there is a throne, float that carries the Virgin Mary or her figure means that you are going through a personal, spiritual, love or any other crisis, that you need to find your way, that you need to find yourself yourself or yourself or be able to chart your own path to happiness.

Dream of the Virgin Mary when a family member has just passed away

This dream shows that we are looking for consolation, that the deceased person is deeply missed and we want to stop feeling oppression in our hearts.

Dream with a medal of the virgin

You have made the right decisions and that the affection you receive from others is sincere and without expecting anything in return. It is time for you to put into practice the advice you have received from others. It is also time for you to help and advise the people who have done it with you, remember to give as much as you receive.

Dream of the broken Virgin Mary

If you dream of an image or figure of the Virgin Mary that is broken or that breaks in your hands, it is a symbol of bad luck, of disappointment in your plans or projects, of delay or of the succession of a series of situations that hinder, paralyze or hinder your path in general or in a specific area.

Break an image of the virgin

It is a symbol of bad luck and backwardness. Bad news will come in the labor aspect, however you have the necessary tools to make better decisions and change.

Dream with several images of the virgin

This dream predicts support and protection. Good job offers are knocking on your door, opportunities are also coming with which you can earn money but it will be in the best way, so it is very important that you think carefully about the decisions you are going to make. Remember that the easy paths are not always the best, as they are often misleading and not conducive to success.

Another meaning that is given to this dream is that the decisions that you like to succeed are only in your hands, but you should not worry, because you have a spiritual guide and protection that will help you if you need help along the way. This dream is also common in people who feel stress due to job or city changes.