Dreaming with the sun – Joya

Dreaming of the sun: When we dream of the sun, this symbolizes light, heat for you; brightness and strength for your life, although we must take into account the fact that it transmits heat to us can kill the goals you have set, but, being a symbol that represents productivity, it indicates enormous activity.

Having this kind of I dream of the sun, tells you that you must maintain your creativity, attitude and independence to achieve it, because otherwise you will not achieve anything. Be careful with your energy at that time, you could attract frustration.

To dream that photons from the sun enter your house.

At the moment when in your dreams you visualize that it is an incredible day and the sun’s rays flood your house, it is a good omen. It tells you that important changes are approaching your life and will arrive with family harmony and security.

These are moments to communicate with the family and thank the cosmos for each and every one of the blessings in the present. It is the genre of dream images that fill the soul and keep you euphoric for a film time.

dream of sunset

A dream with a sunset it means the end of a cycle that you are finally closing or a situation you are going through, it is a sign of rest and mental renewal, channeling your emotions and setting your goals at the end.

could also meaning to dream of twilight of the sun, is that you spend too much isolated from the world, social group and family. You need to get out of your comfort zone and socialize more with your loved ones, stop spending so much time alone and change your life, because on a psychological level it will do you great.

Dreams that it is night but there is sun

If you have this kind of dream at night but there is sunmeans that you are going through various changes and we should close the door of one of the two, especially if it is a single door that has brought negativity, sadness and frustration.

Now if at dream that there is darkness but there is also sun, also one of those doors is that you must open. We are probably going through a nervous and unsettling situation, so this door can be the path to enlightenment and peace.

Dream of rain and sun

A dream with rain and sun, represents honesty, transparency for your life and the whiteness that was reflected to us. These signs are usually very good, especially if that rain was crystallized and the sun reflected it with its illumination.

Dream of the sun and sunrise

The sun and sunrise in dreams are very good, since it indicates that you haveyou will bring joy and riches in your life, things will get much better and more stable in terms of finances and economy, but you have to be careful with excessive cats, preventing this wealth from disappearing from your life and things becoming negative for you.

Dream about the rare sun

Difficult times will come for your life, in the workplace, personal and emotional, things will feel that they will not be very good for youand you have to be a strong person, but with this difficult time changes will come, which will be very positive for you, which will allow you to overcome the bad time of your life and be able to continue developing in the best possible way in your reality in all areas Of the same.

dream of sunset

sunset means you have finally decided to close a bad cycle of your lifenow things change and improve for you, everything is very good, and there will be no worries or stress in your reality, the sunset indicates a new beginning, a new dawn full of success and happiness for you.

dream of the sun at night

Seeing a sunny night, indicates that you have several opportunities in your life to make changesthat you are going through a process of negativity and problems in your life and you must choose clarity for yourself, you have to be a strong person and capable of closing a cycle, starting over, overcoming all the negative and dedicating yourself to happiness and stability in your present.

dream of a shining sun

At the moment when in your dreams you appreciate the existence of a colossal resplendent sun, with intense lighting that looks out of the ordinary, it is a good prediction. It is a sign that an incredible period of achievements, profits and prosperity will come to your life.

the future smiles at you with the success that comes in a venture in which you have worked a lot and this crystallizes wonderfully. You are going to live moments of prosperity that you will share with the people in your field.

Dream of a bright sun

At the moment in which in your dream the sun is shown reflecting a special sunrise, alive and bright, particular beginning to rise on the horizon communicates security and achievements. The dream images in your unconscious security that you feel of your talents and abilities to achieve your missions.

Soon you will see the enterprise in which you worked with such dedication will be yielding its fruit and benefit. It is a sign of blessingsgood fortune and personal thanks.

Dream of a red sun

At the moment when you visualize a crimson sun in your dreams, it is a sign that reflects that you have fun with life expressing yourself with your artistic abilities. You are a creative being, full of talent and expressive talents that you give to those around you with beauty and also illusions, artistically printed.

A red sun in dreams represents the talent, the art and imagination that you carry inside you and want to communicate with your environment. It is the signal that invites you to project your abilities and skills, expressing yourself, without fear of feeling overwhelmed by what they will affirm.

Dream of a huge sun

If in dreams you visualize a huge sun it is an acceptable sign, indicates that you will soon achieve a mission that you have set for yourself some time ago. If you appreciate it very bright, it is announcing that you could soon receive an inheritance unexpectedly and you will be able to achieve your life projects in harmony.