Dreaming with feathers: Interpretation and meanings

To find the meaning of our dreams, we must remember the context and details. Today we bring you the various meanings of dreaming about feathers. Keep reading us.

Dream about eagle feathers

The eagle belongs to the most cunning birds with the best vision in the world. So, if you dreamed of their feathers, it indicates that you have an «eagle eye» for business. You are very aware of what you want in life anyway. A sixth sense makes you aware of new tasks that are going to be assigned to you, and you anticipate this in order to prove that you are ready for it.

Dream about black feathers

Dreaming of black feathers, on the other hand, does not have such a negative character as sometimes happens with this color in dreams. Black feathers speak of the protection you need and also the ability to use your magic to get around life’s obstacles.

Dream about pens and paper

Pens and paper in dreams are a symbol of changes, you want to make some kind of renewal or change in your life, you are tired of the routine, and you need to find something more exciting to do, that fills you with life, joy and positivity. , so it is now or never when you should try to get what really makes you happy, in order to achieve your goals and life objectives in a better way. Work on yourself, on what you want, and in this way you will be a happy person and feel complete with yourself, pursue your dreams in the best way and in this way everything will be positive in your life.

angel feathers

Angel feathers in our dreams guess that we have a quick spirit, so this vision is related to the spiritual part. We live in a time of great calm and peace, in business everything is flowing effectively. This dream also foreshadows that in the end each and every one of the inconveniences that we find ourselves going through come to an end. Our fears and also insecurities remain before.

Dream about blue feathers

Dreaming of blue feathers can take you to the calm that you have been looking for for a long time. «Everything is going to be fine» is the message that a blue pen brings you that will also help you do that exercise of introspection to get to know yourself better and accept yourself as you are.

covered in feathers

Dreaming of being covered in feathers, and it has different meanings if you are a woman or a man. In the case of women, it is related to sensuality and delicacy, while if you are a man, it represents fears due to insecurities regarding her virility.

Dream about gray feathers

Dreaming of gray feathers is an ambivalent dream that can speak to you of peace and transmit great calm, but you can also notice some restlessness because a gray feather symbolizes the search for answers.

feathers in the mouth

It is quite difficult for you to convey what you feel and that is why you have dreamed of feathers in your mouth. In another context, it is associated with a rapprochement with your friends from school, it will make you spend a very entertaining moment, and it is quite necessary since you have recently been very restless about your responsibilities.

Dreams with writing pen

Excellent news arrives for these dreamers. So if you dreamed of a writing pen, you will have enough security to fight the rest. Even if it seems that we do something wrong, we must pay close attention, since our interests have the possibility of being seriously affected.

Dream About Brown Feathers

The brown color is a dark color, which means that if you dream of some brown feathers, they are indicative of the arrival of problems, or of complicated and negative situations in your life, which means that you must be very careful and pay attention to everything you do, in order to achieve happiness and tranquility in your life.

In this case, the most important thing is to manage to resolve all kinds of negative situations, problems or misunderstandings that you may have in your reality, whether with friends, partner, family or co-workers, always with the best attitude, in order to achieve tranquility and the balance of happiness in your life again.

dream of feathers in hands

Dreams with feathers in your hands are symbolic of fertility and positive changes in your life, so you should be aware of everything that may happen from now on in your life, many good and positive things in your life are to arrive

Fertility is part of this type of dream, so you can become a father or mother very soon, or even someone close to you may be the same, and you will feel the love of fatherhood very close, things are about to change in your life so be careful.

Dream About Peacock Feathers

In this kind of dreams, several points of the personality are reflected. Sometimes you feel very alone, and it is because you do not admit assistance from the rest even when you understand that you need it. Do not give so much consideration to money, keep in mind that not everything in life is like that. There are more remarkable things that you have to take into account as the family. That shine that was seen in the peacock feathers, indicates that you have all the success assured.

For that reason, the peacock feathers represent the arrival of enormous moments in your life. If you want things to remain rosy, don’t get so attached to the material and try to look for the spiritual. Hence, it is essential to see how this dreamlike vision is shown, and the shades of the colors that the feathers had at that moment.

Dream of white feathers falling from the sky

To dream of seeing white feathers falling around you denotes that your burdens in life will be light and easy to carry. When you see a feather on the ground, this dream indicates that you will discover the secret of another person or your enemy. It will bring excellent news for you.