Dreaming with Dragonflies – Joya……..

Dream with Dragonflies: Youth is involved in dreams with dragonflies. This means that you hold your youth while reflecting the illusion of in your dreams. While you feel that you have the strength to achieve the unrealizable, and the more you believe in your dreams, these will become a situation.

In other contexts, you are in an optimal moment of your life where the lack of security is affecting you and disappointment is something daily. Dragonflies in dreams are heralds of change. Therefore, this period of sadness will soon end. The changes are for the better and you will always be able to start again.

dream of dragonflies can reflect feelings of instability and also insecurity, and you may have to defend yourself. In other contexts, this dream indicates that you have to understand how to put someone in their place without caring about their feelings or what they think. Perhaps you should consider softening your vision of life to achieve better outcomes.

Dreaming of Dragonflies: dragonflies that sting

Dream of dragonflies that sting means that you are in a problematic situation. Which you are seeing from an incorrect angle, either due to lack of information or because of your prejudices that do not allow you to appreciate some facts objectively.

Running away from those dragonflies that try to sting you can be interpreted as a lack of confidence when it comes to your abilities. This dream invites you to find your own voice and start thinking about yourself. You must work on your self-esteem and be brave to face things.

If in your dream the dragonfly manages to sting you, it is a symbol that you are having problems. to be able to maintain a balance between your personal life and your professional life. Which could be causing you stress problems and possibly depression and high levels of anxiety.

Dreaming with Dragonflies: colored dragonflies

Dream of colored dragonflies indicates that you have a great lack of perseverance and a lot of disinterest. Above all, due to certain responsibilities that will bring you many inconveniences and great losses in the economic field. Therefore, it is necessary that you take actions to avoid these results.

We often let the big colors of life distract us from our goals. But as beautiful as the dream with colored dragonflies is, you need to have both feet on the ground. In order to be able to continue with the course of our lives, without neglecting our happiness and without damaging our being.

Dreaming with Dragonflies: large dragonfly

If the insect is big, so is the dreamer’s desire for freedom. If this animal is large in your dream, it means that you know how much freedom you want and where you want it. Besides, you have a plan to achieve it. So put it into practice and, little by little, you will get what you want.

Dream of a small dragonfly

It means that you are still at the beginning of your desire for freedom. Although you would like to make changes in your life, you still do not know how to make them or if you really want them. Therefore, the animal is small, representing that you are still at the beginning of the path. However, the dream indicates that, like the dragonfly, the desire for freedom will grow and you will understand it better.

Dream of a black dragonfly

The meaning of this dream is very interesting for your life and indicates that the desire for freedom is related to your professional environment.

If you have had this dream, you are looking for some change, you want to have more possibilities to evolve in your work. That is, you want to change positions, for example, by getting a promotion or changing course. Your current job no longer satisfies you, as it is a barrier to executing everything you know and are capable of doing. In this case, freedom is closely related to the possibility of facing new challenges.

Dreaming with Dragonflies: a white dragonfly

The desire for freedom is related to yourself. That is, in this case, you want to get rid of concepts that you yourself have created for your life.

If you have this dream, you have tried to live following a model, a formula that you have found. You have chosen this way of life to be accepted, believing that only then could you be happy. However, living according to a very well defined plan has been very complicated.

In this case, the dream arises to signal your desire to free yourself from yourself. You want to have the freedom to be what you want to be, without expecting anything from others or from yourself, without responding to something planned, all you want is to act according to your wishes.

Dream of a blue dragonfly

This dream means that you want freedom in your relationship. If you have this dream, you feel trapped in such a relationship. You may find yourself always doing the activities that the other person chooses, going to places that you have not selected, being content with it.

Now, you want to break free of that dynamic that has been established in your relationship. In this case, freedom is related to the fact of behaving with your partner as you really are, expressing your opinions and your wishes. In this case, being free also implies being listened to, being accepted.

Dream of a dead dragonfly

You feel that your desire for freedom is disappearing. If you have had this dream, you are someone used to being very free, who came and went when you wanted. However, something has changed in your life, transforming you.

The event linked to this change can be a relationship, a job or a stage in your life. Whatever it is, it demands that you focus on it, forcing you to put aside the freedom that mattered so much to you. Therefore, the dream appears as a warning to take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself die like the dragonfly, try to find time to make use of what you think is freedom.

Dream about brown dragonflies

Dreaming of brown dragonflies represents the risk of managing other people., with your talents, in opposition to his intention. These actions generally do not have good endings. Therefore, it is time for you to start investigating those acts of war that you have decided to carry out and do something to correct them before they get out of control.

Dreams of baby dragonflies

Seeing baby dragonflies in dreams represents a colossal excess of adversity in your life.. If the baby dragonflies are on green leaves, it assumes that you will find joy even though everything seemed to point to the opposite. Dreaming that you see baby dragonflies at night represents an opportunity where you will be able to suffer certain inconveniences or some pathology.

Dream of dragonflies in the hands

Dreaming of dragonflies in your hands is a sign of good luck., so you shouldn’t worry. It assumes that you have to free yourself from your illusions and free yourself from your impotence. It is a requirement to break illusions and be free to achieve the maximum joy that you have striven to have.

Dreams with dragonflies in the home

If you dreamed of dragonflies in the home it can represent that you have to be cautious. Possibly something is hidden from you, which is why you cannot observe reality. Perhaps several people hide the reality about you, or there is someone hidden in the shadows who wants to hurt you either out of excitement or for their own benefit.