Dreaming with demons –

dream of demons has to do with the revelation of all the fears you feel, the Doubts and insecurities. can represent selfishness, greed, bad faith or any other trait that embarrasses you. Perhaps you are relating to unauthorized, dangerous, indecent and compromised matters.

You feel remorse and guilt for something you did wrong. There is an internal imbalance related to your most sacred world. It means that you are depressed and it’s time to amend your actions and get different results. It is a warning, be careful which friends you bring to your house.

Dream that the devil is a musician

This dream is related to a your interest in the degenerate and the vices. It is not recommended that you continue along this path, because the final results will always be disastrous

To dream that you are in front of a ghost that has the image of a demon

You don’t have a very orderly life. You like moral disorder. This makes you look like a person nobody wants as a friend. You can lose the affection of those around you. Your routine has already been circulating for a long time in this licentious style that has no brake.

It’s time to stop and start picking yourself up. Seek to meet with groups more involved in spiritual interests to strengthen yourself.

dream of hell

If in the dream you like to be there, check your life is messy and you like to live like this. It is time to stop and give order to your life. Living in chaos doesn’t do you or those who live with you any good.

Dream of marrying the devil

You lack the power to communicate with someone you love. The devil is dominating, it is important to polish your communication so that it is effective. Try to be jovial with those around you so that you get better results in your communication

Dream about dark colored demons

It means that you are depressed and it’s time to amend your actions and get different results. Try to get out of the circuit where you are stuck, you urgently need to change the context.

Dream about group of demon around you

You will be the victim of some non-positive temptation. You are feeling emotions that are not appropriate and you are not comfortable with them, they arise persistently and this disturbs you.

Dream about a red demon with piercing teeth

You are afraid of ill health, a routine check-up is vital at this time. Don’t miss this notice.

Dream about light colored demons

Colors can be yellow, white, sky blue, etc. This is a sign of good luck. This dream is healthy and means something important and happy in your life.

Dream of fighting the devil

You want good to triumph. You have many personal conflicts. You will find that spiritual peace that you long for. You must apologize before. Reconcile with yourself.

Dream of angels attacking the devil

Reveal your intention to get away from the bad path as soon as possible, because the messy life you are leading is weakening you.

Dream that you fight with demons and defeat them

You are capable of fighting. Your greatest opponent is your own personality. You want to be able to put a stop to this situation. You will be able to overcome your bad actions and you will solve created situations, you will obtain forgiveness or understanding from the people affected.

Dream that you are talking with the devil

Indecision about some resolution is dominating you. Try to control yourself and not feel afraid. You have created a bad judgment of yourself. Act without dependency without fear and make your believe stronger.

Dreaming of the devil dressed as a woman or as a man

you hurt another, woman or man. On the contrary, it can also be someone, a man or a woman, who wants to lie to you. Your dream offers you clues to distinguish an orientation through sleep.

Particularly if he is dressed as a man, he assumes that there is a confrontation with an individual of this sex. See what man is out there causing chaos and take precautions.

Dream that the devil and God are simultaneously

The devil is the antonym of God. This is why the dream is interpreted as indecision from you You have no idea what course to choose and you are very lost. You have no idea what direction to take regarding your company’s entrepreneurship.

You have 2 voices, one from the Lord towards the precise answer, and the other from the devil. The moment you decide on the path, everything will return to order.

The moment you dream that you kill the demon

This dream has positive connotations. The act of killing him represents strength. You know how to face your fears. You are stable for this you will solve your concerns.

Dream that the devil is an animal

Any animal that represents it and is shown in red is a imminent risk. It is also related to phobia for this specific animal. The devil often dresses up as animals such as spiders, snakes, dogs or cats to intimidate you.

Dream about the demon with the appearance of a goat

You dreamed of the devil himself. It is advised that you seek assistance from someone who is proficient in demonic subject matter. This dream is really strong.

Dream that the devil appears in your room

The room is the soul and psyche of the person who dreams, it is the sacred place of his being. The moment the demon enters your room, it is a sign that you have to investigate what some parts of your interior have been violated with small events such as a disagreement with a friend or huge occasions. An imbalance within related to your most sacred planet is visible.