Dreaming of television: Interpretation and meanings

To find the meaning of our dreams, we must remember the context and details. Today we bring you the different meanings of dreaming about television. Keep reading us.

Dreaming that the television image freezes

The meaning of this dream is an alert for you to better analyze some challenges that must be overcome. This is because, possibly, you have been determining strategies that will not lead to overcoming. So, analyze the problems and change the way forward to solve these challenges.

With rationality, you will surely find better «selling points». Changing plans is not a sign of surrender, but of strength and courage to change what will not lead to the desired results.

Dreaming of new television

Dreaming of a new television is a dream that has a lot to do with its context. Good news will cross your path in different areas of your life, such as: professional, emotional, financial, among others.

So “eyes open”, because there is a chance that we will not come back if we lose. And go on with your life as usual, waiting for the good news.

But always without anxiety, because you must already know that it interferes with the flow of events and can even take them out of your life and that is not what you want.

Watch TV

To dream that you are watching television represents your mind and thoughts. The dream reflects the way you interpret, receive, integrate and express your ideas and thoughts. The program that represents what you are watching is an objective sample of the things that are on your mind or that are currently worrying you.

TV off

Dreaming of a television turned off instead means that we are going to have some bad luck and that our projects will not turn out as we expected. However, we are valid and strong people and we will come out of this small bump that we will know well.

black and white television

Dreaming of a black and white television symbolizes that you miss how the times were in the past where life was much calmer and with hardly any shocks. Sometimes you wonder how it is possible that there have been so many technological advances in such a short time and you feel frustrated.

very large tv

Dreaming of a very large television is a sign from the subconscious that there are many emotions inside that need to come out. The dreamer needs to express her feelings about other close people. You have to let out everything that is hidden, without intending to offend anyone for having kept it hidden. There is no blame in this regard, it is simply a matter of poor communication that needs to be improved.

dream of small television

Dreaming of a small television alludes to memories of your past. Perhaps you are too attached to good or bad memories, which is not good. Even if the memories are good, constantly reliving them makes you extremely nostalgic and prevents you from living fully in the present. If they are bad memories worse.

Thinking about negative events in your mind harms your emotional health, which can have a negative impact on your physical health and your daily life in general. Whenever bad memories come up, try to replace them with positive images and thoughts. However, if negative memories always bother you, consider seeking psychological support to get rid of them and move on with your life in a healthier way.

Dream that your television breaks

Proposing to have the things that one wants, is to be able to make the perfections of each person who is in their place to undertake if necessary to compose the best life stories you have ever had.

Dream that you buy a TV

Most of the dreams in which you acquire relevant items are commonly interpreted as irrepressible desires to have something that feels far away, or simply feelings of envy towards an object that someone close to you owns and you want.

If your experience is based on dreaming of buying a television, and you visualize yourself happily installing it in your living room, this could be driven by an expressed need to communicate with your most intimate environment, relate again as you did before, and recover the affection lost by your work occupations.

Plasma TV

Dreaming of plasma television is quite common, especially since it is a type that is found more and more in people’s lives. For this reason they are dreams that represent the desire to experience new adventures. The dreamer is tired of his boring life, in which he is lost in the everyday. So it is the ideal time to live new ideas and try without measure.

broken television

Dreaming of a damaged television indicates that we feel unhappy and unlucky. Perhaps we spend too many hours at home and when something unforeseen happens and something we use breaks, we often feel devastated.

Dream of an old TV

Televisions have been transforming throughout their short history. They changed its shape, its size and the quality of the image. That’s why having dreams about one of these vintage appliances, usually bigger and with a small screen, can pique your interest. In that sense, it could show that you are somewhat shy and that prevents you from getting along normally.

Buy or sell a television

Dream that refers to your financial life. Dreaming that you buy or sell a television alerts you to be careful with negotiations.

This is because you risk making bad deals, which will result in losses. So, if there is an opportunity to buy or sell something, analyze and do the calculations of everything that is involved, so as not to go wrong.

tv show

To dream that you appear in a television program, means that there are things that you. wants to pass on to others. You need and want to express yourself to others. On the other hand, he tries to see himself and thus find a more objective point of view of his life and the possibilities he has.