Dreaming of hyenas: Interpretation and meanings

To find the meaning of our dreams, we must remember the context and details. Today we bring you the different meanings of dreaming about hyenas. Keep reading us.

Dream about black hyenas

When we are observing a black hyena in a dream, it can tell us two things. In the first place, it can show us a premonition of having excessive responsibility and secondly, it represents a very opportunistic person interested in things or in the goods of life that may be stalking you.

Dream about huge hyenas

The exaggerated size that the hyena can have in the dream can represent the seriousness of a problem. Because you may be going through a rather flawed circumstance, let it interfere with your plans.

As well as, it speaks of a strong situation in the businesses that you have. You have a problem in front of your eyes, and if you don’t act quickly, it can overwhelm you in a quite significant way.

On the other hand, in the workplace, these problems are reflections of jealousy and a higher percentage of envy, of people close to your environment that your great performance causes them discomfort, so they want you to feel less than you really are.

Dreaming of hyenas as a woman

The famous psychoanalyst Freud in his dream book focuses on the betrayal of the partner. He especially warns women to be vigilant if they had a dream about a nearby hyena. A woman will have to face gossip, slander against her husband.

Dream of hyenas chasing me

When in dreams the dreamer is being chased by hyenas, it indicates that in the work environment the dreamer feels sensitive and vulnerable. Well, we feel that other members of the work team are sabotaging our work to make us look bad.

Always try to do things well so that others do not have to talk about. And always leave witnesses to your actions so that there are no doubts that you have done your job well and they cannot harm you.

Dream about a hyena that looks friendly

Psychologists have shown that in dreams with hyenas where they appear friendly and also have tail-wagging gestures, it undoubtedly shows the appearance of an intrusive person.

Dreaming of baby hyenas

Baby hyenas can represent the new appearance of situations or people that can represent us in certain aspects of problems, this means that we have to pay close attention to our environment in any of the areas, so that in this way we can solve and Solve these obstacles before they get bigger.

Dreams with hyenas in my house

Dreaming of hyenas in the home is a sign that soon, in the family field, the area of ​​harmony in the home may be changed in a very extreme way, even feeling a little hostile.

Dreams with wild hyenas

These are animals known for their combative and treacherous nature, so dreaming of wild hyenas suggests the lack of patience and aggressiveness that the person who is dreaming usually has, probably mood swings that have the possibility of harming their relationships, symbolism that a change is required.

Dream that you are a hyena

Dreams in which you become an animal are frequent and in the case of the hyena it can have a positive or negative meaning depending on the emotions that it transmits to you. Because you can dream that you are a hyena because you feel guilty for having hurt someone. But you can also have this dream because you feel unfairly treated by others, misunderstood.

Dream of hyenas that are eating

Observing that during sleep they are eating, means that people from your close environment have ill will towards you and fiercely criticize you behind your back. They are not frontal people, nor do they criticize to build, but they are destructive, hypocritical and false, because they would never come to recognize what they say or what they do. Hyenas are animals characterized by being aggressive and moody and in their image and likeness are those who tear you to pieces behind your back and smile at you in front of you.

Dream of eating hyenas

But if throughout the dream the hyenas are eating, it represents that they have the possibility of having people in our immediate area, they have bad intentions towards the dreamer and are fiercely criticized behind their backs, wanting to say in this way that they are not suitable people, and far less than they make criticism to create, if not they are destructive.

Dream of a herd of hyenas

Dreaming of a herd of hyenas means that some people whom you considered close, loyal and honest turned out to be hypocritical and treacherous and you had not noticed it, because they were hiding their true intentions.

You discovered that these people are not to be trusted when you turned your back on them, perhaps at some point you could not help them and now they have shown their true face, since they only proved to be your friends when you helped them and now that you cannot help them they will no longer be yours. friends.

white hyenas

This type of dreams that are presented to us gives us a very concrete explanation, those people for whom we have distrusted the most as much as possible may have been very sincere with us and therefore we are misjudging in the sense of being able to choose our friendships. .

Dreams of hyenas and snakes

Although if we focus on the issue of what corresponds to betrayal, it is very common that we can find dreams of hyenas and snakes, since this can symbolize that perhaps some relative of the dreamer could be betraying him, or if he focuses on a health field, some kind of strong ailment is about to arrive.

Dream of hyenas that are tied up

It is quite common for people after making a decision to be influenced to change their mind by those around them. This does not happen with someone who dreams of a tied hyena, because he has the courage to cling to the decision that he has already been able to meditate.