Dreaming about marriage –

Dreaming of marriage: Dreaming of marriage has many meanings depending on the context in which it develops. This time we bring you the most common so you can draw your own conclusions. Keep reading us.

Dream that you are getting married

This dream is linked to the death of someone you love very much, even a pet. It is a loss that you will regret, but you must be calm. On the contrary, if the father who performs the ceremony is dressed in black and does not seem very ceremonious, it means the opposite.

Dream that you attend a marriage

It is a sure disgust that is haunting you. At work, family and in the couple. All areas are filled with fights. Perhaps you are not doing something correctly, and for this reason this is the result. Analyze very well internally, your behaviors with the people around you.

Dream that you attend your wedding, but you are married

This means that you will face strong breaks in the family with your partner. You must be very careful of your actions lately. It is not easy to accept this news, but the dream is announcing it to you, the rupture is brewing, however, it will depend on you whether it is consolidated or not.

Dream of a wedding party

Dreaming of a wedding party will be a sign of abundance. In this type of dream you are very happy, surrounded by your loved ones and everyone is celebrating without any problem. If you wake up with this feeling, it is a good sign since prosperity and abundance have come to stay with you for a few months in your life.

Wedding dress wrinkled or on the floor

This type of dream is interpreted as a manifestation of your unconscious of the concern you have about losing friends with your new state or, in general, some concern that is not letting you rest.

If you dream of getting married, but you don’t have a partner

It is usually interpreted as the need to introduce important changes in your life. And a change for the better at work and in your social life.

foreign marriage

Another meaning of dreaming of someone else’s wedding has negative connotations. If you have dreamed of someone else’s wedding and the guests were dressed in dark and cold colors, it means that the people who are going to marry will not have a long and prosperous relationship. Rather the complete opposite.


This dream is a symbol that you miss that person even that you are still in love with her and would like to have a close relationship again. It can also be a sign of jealousy or envy, especially if you still have feelings for your ex.

from a relative

Dreaming of a family member’s wedding means good luck. Things will go well for you shortly and everything will turn out as you expected. Luck will be on your side and on the side of the people around you, so it can be said that you are going to live in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

You get married and your dress is beautiful

If you dream that you are getting married and your wedding dress is beautiful, clean, shiny and you love it, this predicts a great change in your work and social life that will mean a great improvement for you.

Dream that you get married, but your partner disappears

This dream means that something terrible is about to happen or has already happened with your partner. If you do not have a partner at the time of the dream, it means insecurity to marry or fear of marriage.

dream that your husband is getting married

Dreaming of a wedding in which it is your husband who is marrying another person and you are seeing it from the outside, means that there is some aspect in your relationship in which you are not happy.

If you dream of someone else’s marriage but you are about to get married

If you dream of someone else’s wedding and your marriage is approaching, it symbolizes negative connotations, difficulties in being able to carry out the union. Also, it indicates the death of a relative, the indication of inconveniences with the couple.

If you marry your ex

If you are marrying your ex partner, it will indicate that you have already overcome aspects of a previous relationship with this person and you have also learned from them. That is to say, you have already closed the cycle with that person, it is a stage in your life that has been overcome.

Dream that you get married and it rains

Dreaming of being the spouse of the marriage in an open space and it begins to rain, represents the fear that you generally have in establishing yourself, formalizing the union, forming a family.

You get married and your ex attends

Dreaming of your marriage and that the ex-partner appears, means that you still conceive something for that person, you cannot forget what you have experienced. Unquestionably this person is still important to you, and you feel you are living a sentimental crossroads.

in church

If you dream that a wedding that takes place in the church symbolizes having personal or spiritual conflict, you must put your feelings or the current situation in order. You will embark on a new path, where you will start with an excellent spirit to obtain success.

You get married

If you dream that you marry your boyfriend or girlfriend but that your parents and the rest of the family are opposed to the commitment or they are upset during the ceremony. It is a warning, a bad omen. It means that your relatives may not approve of such a commitment in real life.

Dream that you are the godfather

If at the wedding you are the best man, it means that you are a good friend and you are always there when they need you. Something that you yourself do not usually value, but that is represented in this way in the dream, in which you will surely feel happy and proud to be part of the wedding.

Woman marries older man

When a woman has a dream marrying an older individual, it shows problems, illness, anguish and inconvenience with relatives.