Dreaming about cassavaDreaming about cassava-

Dreaming of yuca: It can represent that you want to return to the roots, to rescue the origins. It is very representative, for example, for those who live far from their family. If this is your case, start analyzing your situation, your dreams and realize if it is not the time to deepen family ties, since family is our root.

Dream about raw cassava

This dream indicates that you need to work on something in your life. Something that is not ready yet, but is underway. Some aspect of the past could be poorly resolved in your life, it is time to reflect and try to identify what is preventing you from moving forward. You need to find the root of the problem to find solutions and change the landscape of your life.

Dream about cassava flour

Cassava in flour form has already been processed. Therefore, this dream indicates that your life has gone through many phases and that you have worked hard and very soon you will be rewarded.

You are still going to go through some more phases until everything materializes, but the most complicated part has already been done. Get ready to receive the reward for all the effort you have made in the past. The reactions of your actions are getting closer. If you think you can still plant something good, do it now, because the time to enjoy the results is coming.

Dream of a yucca plantation

Dreaming of any type of plantation refers to something that has already germinated and is about to bear fruit for the harvest. This, of course, is the case as long as the plantation is not in a state of conservation that does not allow obtaining beneficial fruits. When the planting is of cassava, due to its root aspect, it is related to the fact of planting links in your life, relationships and places have a solid role in your life.

This matter of solid projects also indicates that your professional life is consolidated. That your actions at work have been well planted and your projects will have a solid effect on your work environment, with durability and profitability.

Dream about peeled cassava

When you dream of yucca peeled is your mind telling you that you must change certain attitudes in your life, because these are not entirely good and will not lead you to success and stability in your realityonly you will know what you should change, be it your attitude in some situations, your character, the way you deal with things or any other type of quality or characteristic of your personal life that is not favorable for you, well you have to now reflect on yourself so that you can make the right changes in your personal life.

Dream about unpeeled cassava

you are an inexpressible personis what dreams with cassava indicate without fighting, because you do not like to express your feelings or open up to the people around you, because you are afraid that they cannot be honest with you or that they hurt you in some way with what they do. accounts, it can be a bad quality that you have in your life, since you cannot always distrust everyone, there are always good people in your life to trust and to love.

Dream of seeing a yucca in your dream

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether it was with or without skin. If it had skin, the dream is not related to any event, but to your subjectivity. It is a sign that your naivety is very high and can end up sabotaging you. You trust people too much. It is time to start believing in yourself more, because this type of dream also shows that you have enormous potential.

If it was without skin, it indicates that you are an effusive person and that you are enjoying your best version in all the events of your life. Try to remember what you have been through, as these events have much to teach you.

If you dream of eating yucca

Your health is excellent, allowing you to make the most of all that is to come. If you are in a difficult stage of your life, this dream is a sign that you are doing your best and taking care of yourself, and good things will come soon and you will be very well to enjoy them. Keep your positivity alive, because everything is going to be fine.

Dream of planting yucca

You have fought many battles in your life, especially in the professional field. You’ve worked hard, worked twice as hard, and you’re not getting the success and recognition you’d like to have. But this dream is a warning for you to be patient, because the fruits do not appear at the moment they are planted, things need time to happen and come true.

Dream about cassava and yams

indicates that you are going through one of the best stages of your life, full of life, happiness and enthusiasm, Well, very good things have been happening in your reality and this turns out to be positive for you, but you don’t like to tell anyone, you don’t like to celebrate it, much less express your happiness and your feelings about what happens in your life, many times it can be negative, since most of the time we like to feel that we are valuable and proud of what we do, and these are words that people close to your life can say, so it is not bad to express what you feel, you can feel free to tell someone the happiness you have in your life and this will be positive, because they support you and celebrate with you, you just have to know who to tell.