Dream with a bagDream with a bag

Dream with portfolio: If you have dreamed of a handbag, this represents your identity or sense of self. They also reflect thoughts, feelings or situations that have happened to you recently, and these moments give you confidence, power or make you feel complete as a person.

A bag or wallet, being a personal and unique element for each person inside reflects how much we take into account. A bag that is messy, dirty or full of unnecessary things is a call from our subconscious to warn us of excess stress or low self-esteem. However, everything can change when we analyze other elements that we will describe below.

Dream about a white bag

A white bag in dreams is related to virginity or some form of sexual innocence. This dream also indicates that you want to witness more of your sexual side and start having casual encounters. However, you have to be aware that other malicious people want to take advantage of you.

Dream of a purse

Seeing a purse in your dream, recommend the mysteries you keep and have never shared with anyone. He could also have relationships with you. probability and safety in the rest around you. If the purse is intact and full of coins, recommend that people trust you with their mysteries.

Dream with your ID in your wallet

This dream can show you your existential situation in terms of identity, that is to say who you are and above all what you do and with whom. There are things about your personality that you have decided to keep with great suspicion, secrets that you do not want the world to find out about. You feel a great fear of being discovered, so you often prefer to be absent and anonymous.

Dreaming of your deceased grandmother’s identity card in your wallet

You feel distressed because you know a secret from your grandmother deceased and you are aware that with the revelation of this confidence that she made you, you could solve a problematic situation that is making a critical knot within your family. Think carefully to what extent it is convenient to bring the memory of your grandmother from the past.

Dreaming of your cousin’s identity card in your wallet

Are you afraid of being found out? romantic relationship that you carry in secret and as a lover with your cousin. For some time you have been worried about the possibility of transcendence, since once a similar situation occurred that almost gave you a heart attack. Fortunately, at that time there was an interruption of a pregnancy.

Dreaming of your boyfriend’s identity card in your wallet

You want to express to your boyfriend the annoyance that represents having what is a socially accepted love and behaving according to the duty to be hypocritical that determines a relationship. You need to feel that something is happening, something crazy that allows a different experience to happen to you, have secret passions, risky and in unexpected places. You must save your relationship from boredom.

Dream that you lose your wallet

As a general rule, women who fight unknown occasions that make them feel insecure commonly dream of losing their bags. Hence losing your wallet in a dream can symbolize lose touch with who you areleave the habits or the occasions of life that make you feel safe or well finished as a person.

Commonly, this dream can represent that you have lost your way in life and you need to reconsider where you are going. It can also represent losing your power. So, losing your wallet is like saying that you feel weak or helpless. But handbags also hold various things that you value, which is why it also points to the feeling of losing something that is important to you.

Dream about a black bag

Dreaming of a black bag recommends that you want your real feelings to remain a mystery or a secret for the person you are in love with. This dream also indicates that you want to keep your personal issues a mystery instead of telling someone about them.

A novelty black wallet means you have to be ready for a gift or a surprise. If you dreamed that the bag was very expensive, this means that you have chosen the precise mission and you will precisely achieve what you have proposed. The black color in such a case indicates distinction and also wisdom.

Dream of money in the wallet

Having a dream vision with money in the wallet represents a wish fulfilled later. A full wallet that has a recurring production of money is an acceptable sign of wealth and, more particularly, of financial security. Your financial projects will be successfully completed.

Some comment that this dream is also a sign that they will ask you to borrow money. But the loan would be an acceptable bet for you, you can trust that your money will be returned to you. If you have financial problems in your life, this dream is considered as an acceptable sign of getting out of that situation soon.

Dream of a red bag

You feel a strong despair and an anguish that you cannot explain because of the repression that is oppressing you in the chest. You want release your anxieties and your repressed desires. Someone offers you to accompany him to live a passion overflowing with pleasure. It is recommended that you let go of excessive pride and give in for the sake of your emotional stability. Enough of waiting so long, the moment of relaxation and convenient sexuality is the present.

Dream about a green bag

You continue dreaming and looking at the horizon as if looking for the answer to the solution of the nonconformity with which you lead life. You have the firm hope that it will come in the immediate future your lucky day, the one that you crave so much and for which you are totally sure that important changes will come to you. Get active and take action so that the benefits you expect do not take so long to come.