dream about onion dream about onion

Dreaming of onions: Many authors have disclosed the meaning of dreaming of onions as a bad omen, where the death of a family member, sorrows or illnesses in us may be approaching. You have to have a lot of strength to know how to deal with the problems that are going to arise.

The form that this food has is what will let us know what it wants to transmit to us. For example, if it contains many layersthe dream is trying to tell us that we will have a lot of health and hope in lifeas well as new changes on a sentimental level that can be demonstrated by this type of omen.

It is recommended to know what is the performance of the onion in the dream, to know the message that our subconscious is transmitting to us. Everything has a different interpretation for each one, it does not matter if we observe large terreros with this food planted, or that we are simply eating one, this type of dream will reveal great warnings for our lives.

It is well known that the meaning of many dreams is interpreted through the subjective point of view, so it is very important know what the context is that this has, as well as the circumstances we are going through, since in this way they can be intertwined to give it an insightful meaning.

Dream that you are eating onions

When you are eating onions in a dream, this can mean two different things and you need to know what the situation is that you are experiencing at the moment.

On the one hand, eating onions in a dream is a sign that you will have a very active sexual life in the next period.

On the other hand, it can also mean that you are facing opposition in your professional life, but you should not worry, as no one will be able to surpass your capacity.

Dream chopping onion

Dream chopping onion and its meaning varies depending on how you see yourself when you are dreaming of cutting onions. In this way, if you are not crying while doing it, it means that this reflects you as a sincere person with a high degree of moralityfor which others would see you in a totally positive way.

On the other hand, if you see yourself chopping an onion and you’re crying, it means you’re probably you lack a lot of intimacy with others and that some people may be lying to you in your daily life. Therefore, it is preferable to consider your relationship with others and check that other people are not affecting your performance or quality of life.

Dream about green onion

If you dream of green onion These types of dreams usually reflect a certain immaturity in the person’s attitude. In the same way, it reflects that an individual must begin to manage his emotions and take responsibility for all kinds of acts that he commits in his daily life. Therefore, it is a kind of reflection for the person who has these types of dreams.

Dreams with rotten onion

Dream About Rotten Onions it reflects that there are people around you who seek to do you harm and will do anything to make some kind of discouraging event happen to you. In this way, there will be people who will hold certain emotions of resentment or envy towards their being and that will be evoked or shown in negative aspects in their lives. Therefore, it is advisable to take measures to avoid possible unpleasant events.

Dream about purple onions

Dreams about purple onions mean that there is a person who is attracted to you. Therefore, the attraction can be so intense that it is possible that, if you are attentive, you will be able to find out who this famous individual who likes you is. Something that should be noted is that normally the attraction is usually purely sexual or more focused on this aspect.


The moment you have a dream with the presence of the long onion, it will tell you that a period of good omen is approaching, which you will have to use to be able to carry out the desired plans because they will be given to you in the best way.

However, when dreaming of long onions that are still planted in the ground, the meaning changes because it will make you understand that you will be able to fulfill your desires that you have longed for so much, but that there will be certain obstacles and the dream will warn you so that you do not give up and you can continue with what was planned in the best way.

Onion of branch

If you are a person who has made great efforts to have results in some medium or long-term project or goal, then through dreams the branch onion will be reflected, which will let you know the positive results and scope of what How much have you planned?

Certainly when you dream of branch onions you will be able to incorporate a meaning of positive energies so that each of the objectives that have been raised for a long time can be achieved, which have taken time to materialize but when dreaming in this way you will be able to know that at last the waiting time will be over.

It is also important to mention that, when you dream of branch onions and you can see or even smell that they are rotten, it is a sign that bad news is coming, and it can also be deduced that what was planned will not be carried out.

Dream that you eat raw onion

Dreaming of onions and eating them raw is no longer a dream with good omens. It indicates the appearance of some problems in your life, mainly related to work.

There may be arguments or conflicts with colleagues or even mistakes made by you in your activities. But getting desperate in these situations will not do you any good, on the contrary.

Therefore, if you have a conflict with another person at work, try to come back to yourself and act rationally, controlling impulses and emotions.

Try to resolve the misunderstanding with the other person, even if someone from leadership needs to intervene.

If you make a mistake during your duties, by all means, correct it. Ask your superior for help, if necessary.