Do you know what spiritual channeling is?

Do you know what spiritual channeling is?: Spiritual channeling is defined as a process in which you become a conscious link to receive messages from celestial beings. What is sought when making a link with a being of light is to obtain answers on different issues that afflict you and obtain a spiritual guide to solve problems, heal our soul and know our mission on earth. In simple words, channeling helps you in a process of self-knowledge and healing.

Each of us perceives channelings in different ways. There are those who present them telepathically, others visually or auditory. But you must be clear that no form of channeling is better than the other, the important thing is to open yourself to receive the information, whatever the form. We generally ignore certain messages that we have received, believing them to be figments of our imagination. The main objective is the connection to be able to advance, evolve and heal your soul.

How can it be achieved?

In order to achieve channeling we need to prepare ourselves, we need mental stability to be aware of what we feel and be open to receiving the messages that they want to deliver to us. This can happen from one moment to another, we just have to let our energies flow.

On the other hand, through therapies and meditations we can reach a greater understanding of ourselves and be more aware. This is something natural that we all bring when we are born and that for many reasons we lose over time.

Channeling can happen from one moment to the next, when our energy is really with us and all our energy points (chackras) are in harmony.

Thus, the energies flow and carry out their work, which manifests itself as healing through the laying on of hands, spoken messages, tarot cards, crystals, among others. Channeled beings can come from different dimensions, angels, aliens, ancient healers, various spirit guides and many other beings of light.

Follow these tips to achieve it:

Find a quiet and orderly place: One of the most important things when channeling is to find a suitable space, free of clutter and factors that can block the flow of energy, we need a place free of interference to be able to concentrate and let everything flow. It is advisable to decorate this space with objects that deliver positive energy, calm music, quartz, light colors and aromas.

Meditate: Meditate is extremely important to be able to enter the spiritual orb. We must know or try to silence our mind in order to listen and receive the messages that they want to deliver to us from the spiritual world. In the state of meditation we open our body and make way for our mind and spirit to be receptors to receive these energies.

At the end of the channeling you will feel at peace, and in this state you can continue to receive different types of information through signs, situations or dreams. You must always keep an open mind, attentive and prioritize your emotional and mental stability.

Spiritual Channeling: Types

There are people who channel messages that they receive in dreams, others enter a state of meditative trance and transmit these messages that they receive from higher dimensions. There is even psychographic channeling in which the person practically does not interfere in the process, since the hand and the pencil move without the human’s consciousness influencing them, while in a trance state they serve as an instrument for the Source.

Pipeline Styles

There are three styles of channeling: the deep trance of embodying the whole body and the superficial trance, where the channel is at least partially conscious. And voluntary possession.

Objective and main message of the pipeline

The goal of channeling is to facilitate the transformation of the channeler’s clients.

The main message is threefold: the universe is multidimensional, humanity creates its own reality, and love conquers all.

Spiritual Channeling: Exercise

To meditate

The first thing is that you are aware of your own energy, you can start with a small meditation if you know how to do it. You should feel how it flows inside you from head to toe, feel how it runs through your entire body and warms it up, you should even see its color when you visualize it and concentrate it little by little where you want it to go.


Once the energy is concentrated, you direct it to the person you want to receive it. You’ll need to really focus on the person first. You can help yourself with relaxing music that reminds you of it, a white candle and even incense of the person’s favorite scent.

Think of her, in moments lived with her and above all in moments that you want to live. Think about what you want to get out of her and visualize what her response will be.

To transmit

Send the message loud and clear if it is a message you want to send for example (Name of the person), I send you all my love because I am worried, because I have not heard from you for a long time, please contact me to know that you’re okay.

You must imagine that all that love you feel for that person is within you, all that energy flows towards her, imagine how she receives it, some see the energy as droplets, others as rain.

During this process, of sending your message and concentrating on the person, you should receive a response (either what you think that person would say to you or see that they feel better.). After this experience you can feel hot or cold, various sensations, see images and that depends on the sensitivity of each one.

The clearest answer in this case will be for the person to whom we are sending the message for the exercise to contact us. Then I thank the person in question for listening to me.

Finally, we must clarify that not everyone can do this and have it work. Not because we do it wrong, but because there are people who have no sensitivity. And it is not prepared to receive our energy and also from experience I know that there are people who simply do not want to receive it. Instead, you will notice that other people are much more receptive to our messages or energies.

We can all channel in one way or another, as long as you develop creativity, compassion and love with yourself, in this way the channel will be clean and free of impediments.