Amazonite is considered one of the stones with the greatest healing properties, not only physical, but also spiritual and emotional, facilitating balance between body and mind; relieves ailments in the throat area and nervous system, promotes communication and stimulates love and joy.

The amazonite receives its name from the Amazon River in Brazil, where it is presumed that it was found for the first time. Interestingly, studies show that it is unlikely that this stone could be found in this locality and that it was a mistake with another similar crystal. This mineral belongs to the group of feldspars and has a spectacular green color, a characteristic that contributed to the Amazonite getting its name in honor of the Amazon rainforest.

It is also said that the Amazon warriors were strong women who did not allow men to challenge her, hence they used this stone to balance the feminine and masculine strength. Similarly, since ancient times the amazonite was revered by the Egyptians for its qualities for communication, clarity of thought and transparency, as well as by shamans and healers.

This powerful stone is closely linked with the energy centers of the body, specifically with the fifth chakra known as the throat chakra, as it is located in the neck between the Adam’s apple and the larynx; Amazonite helps to activate it, facilitating communication, providing the energy necessary to express oneself with others, expressing thoughts and feelings.

Likewise, when this chakra is deactivated, it causes discomfort in the throat, believing that it is due to the difficulty of expressing oneself and the impossibility of releasing what one feels, which is why the application of an amazonite in this area activates this energy center and relieves these ailments allowing you to let go through communication what oppresses you and prevents personal growth.

In the same way, this wonderful crystal helps to release malicious energies, open up towards the spiritual world, being filled with joy and stimulating well-being through relaxation, it favors the synchronization of the spiritual and the physical, harmonizing mind, body and soul, it also allows sharpen intuition and gain powers of clairvoyance.

On the other hand, among its healing powers, amazonite also helps on a physical level, relieving neck and headaches, regulates the central nervous system as well as metabolism, invigorates the immune system helping to treat allergies, achieves improvements in heart problems and It is a relaxant during pregnancy.

Emotionally, Amazonite stimulates honesty, helping to express what one really feels and how the person really is, favors happiness and relationships, calms nerves, positively channels emotions and favors creativity.

According to its innumerable healing properties at all levels of being, Amazonite becomes one of the most fascinating stones in the world of gems.