Discard negative energies and attract positive ones with mica! –

Mica is a mystical stone with intense angelic contact, stimulating the awareness of the inner self, also known as muscovite, with healing and esoteric properties. Its good use allows you to discard negative energies to turn them into positive ones, attracts fortune and is even used to clean the home and counteract all that charge that surrounds the space.

This stone called mica or muscovite as it is also often called, is white in color although it can vary according to its composition. It presents transparency, luminescence and is morphological.

A mineral that belongs to a countless group of silicates of aluminium, iron, calcium, magnesium and alkaline minerals. Its discovery is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, being a stone with elastic, flexible and resistant to heat and water characteristics, which allows it to be a precious material used as electrical and thermal insulation.

A stone that is found in nature along with other minerals such as quartz and feldspar, with specific qualities that, due to its particular characteristics of flexibility, elasticity and resistance, have the power to balance pancreatic secretions, relieve dehydration, facilitate expression clear of thoughts Like other stones it is used as protection.

Negative energies arise at every moment in the daily transit of our lives, it is up to us to repel them; create a mental and spiritual barrier, with the firm purpose of allowing only positive energies to be channeled into our being, which is why we must raise awareness and transform our thoughts so that they merge with force, attracting well-being.

You must keep everything around you in perfect balance, spend time creating and seeing new horizons that consolidate what you really want for your personal growth. Not everything can be black or white, you are the one who has the last word to put the color in your life. Nothing is negative, nothing is positive. It all lies in the way you activate it.