The different typical costumes of the world are characterized by representing the culture of each of the peoples to which they belong, they are generally made with bright colors and celebrated with dances or dances typical of the region, which makes them a true spectacle of laughter. , joys and dreams.

The typical Argentine costume is called «gaucho» and is closely related to Argentine folklore and the national music of that country, it is distinguished from the others by the combination between the feminine and the masculine model. The male wears black pants, a white shirt and over it an open short-sleeved jacket with some details such as a red scarf, a ribbon at the waist, boots over the pants and a hat, while the woman wears a skirt without a petticoat. and a long-sleeved camisole, up to the neck and espadrilles on her feet. Trajetipico.com. (nd)

In the Dominican Republic, the woman wears a long dress with a ruffle with pleats on the blouse and the skirt continues with more ruffles forming a large «structure» of fabric; the predominant color is white and they decorate it with red and blue to make it look more picturesque; the man wears a shirt with details around the buttons and pants that can be white or gray. Trajetipico.com (sf)

In Peru, women and men use the same colors and designs but their clothes vary a bit; the woman wears a long skirt to the feet or to the knees, adorned with geometric figures and a jacket that does not have a specific background color and a cloak with a hat, the predominant colors are red and orange.

The typical costumes of Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala are made with colorful fabrics, embroidered or with flowery prints, and even with bright fabrics; the skirt or petticoat is full and the blouse is low-cut the dress with flowers is the typical colonial clothing and is worn in dances such as the warsoviana or the quadrillas.

In Brazil, the typical costume without a doubt, will be the one used to dance samba, as well as those worn at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and the June festivities; the latter are made with embroidery and bright colors. Sandra Fernandez Jet Trip (nd)

In colombia the typical costume is regionalized, as there is a diversity of climates, each outfit has been adapted to it, resulting in a curious mixture of colors, models, materials and customs of each region. EcuRed.cu (sf)

In Mexico, the charro suit is so typical that it is a sign of identity of the country at an international level, it is associated with Mexican music where the performers wear this suit made of colorful fabrics and impressive ornaments that it did not have before, the suit of the woman is equal to that of man but with a long skirt; formerly so much the charro suit as the typical one were completely different but they were displaced by the described model. Jet Travel (nd)