Among all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo is the only one represented by a woman, and this determines in part the characteristics of this sign of earth whose planet is Mercury and whose color is dark green. Virgo is characterized by its precision, its low profile and patience, which sometimes it is difficult for them to make great friends, bringing them superficial relationships, based on his shyness when expressing their feelings openly, yet Virgo natives are kind to other people and are characterized by advising others very well, even better than how they advise themselves in their personal relationships.

More specifically the Virgo man is characterized by his intelligence, able to observe problems in his mates and to recommend them solutions, besides Virgo is usually quite attractive, takes care of his image and pays attention to the way others see him. A Virgo man will be organized, in all aspects of his life, his food, education, home and appearance, born methodical in everything that appears in front of them, as well as discrete by nature, which makes them easily recognizable among a group of people.

The order that a Virgo man implements in his life will put him at the limit of his abilities, on the verge of stress, because of his constant interest in maintaining his sleep cycle or the schedule of his meals, so patience is an important point at the moment to deal with a representative of this sign.

A Virgo man criticizes his relatives, precisely as an extension of his methodical order, but precisely in opposition to this idea, he receives the criticism of others badly, being blinded by his defects and thus making some personal relationships difficult. Even so Virgo men are attentive with their friends and couples, unconditional for what comes out, so having one as a best friend (or even a couple) is a good option.

On the other hand, the Virgo woman is characterized by a certain individualism, characteristic of this sign, but that does not forbid her to have an eternal smile, which comes out easily and for almost anything. The intelligence of a Virgo woman allows her to complement her quality of speaking about anything with a critical capacity worthy of any professional in the field she is defending, because yes, they are categorical in their positions. even so, discretion and shyness usually characterize the beginning of their personal relationshipsalthough as they gain confidence, their inner volcanic character makes its way.

Honesty is a very important value for a Virgo woman that she demonstrates in the search for a pure and sincere love, characteristic of the internal natural manner of the sign. While outside calm and discretion are observed, inside Virgo women are worthy of fear. They will criticize each of the aspects of their friendships and partners, but always to improve and with a constructive tone, so receiving criticism and processing it will be the best option.

In any case Virgo is characterized by maintaining a life full of emotions, although their love for order is a transversal axis in each of their aspectsbeing the latter the most determinant for both genders.