difference between technique and method

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I want to know the difference between technique and method

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The Method is only the way in which something is done, with order and following certain principles, which is why in pedagogy we speak of the constructivist, humanist, behavioral method, etc. The technique refers to the tools used to convey knowledge.

Two definitions to better understand the difference:

METHOD: Systematic process or path established to carry out a task or work in order to achieve a predetermined objective.

Way of saying or doing something with order. Scientific procedure followed in science to find the truth.

A procedure that is used to perform a specific task in the class or module. Procedure to achieve something that is adopted to teach or educate.

TECHNIQUE: is a procedure or set of these, (rules, norms or protocols), which aim to obtain a certain result, whether in the field of science, technology, art, education or any other exercise.


The method: From a broad perspective, method is understood as the path to follow to achieve an objective. The method includes various techniques and procedures.

The technique: They are the practical steps that are used in the implementation (carry out) of a method.

The procedure: Set of sequenced and systematized actions that lead to the achievement of a predetermined goal. They imply a process of reflection, of awareness in the application of each of the actions that constitute it.

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