Definition of Suite of programs (computer science)

(package or suite of programs). In computing, a suite is a set of software applications and tools bundled together, typically sharing a similar look and feel and integrating with each other.

There are different types of suite, although the most popular are the office suite, which generally include a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, a database, multimedia presentations, etc. Probably the most widespread suite in the world is Microsoft’s Office. Other suites are Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect Office, OpenOffice and iWork. For more information see: Office suite.

Some computer suites are:

* Office or office suite

* Graphic suite

*Internet Suite

* Integrated development environments (IDE).


– Less expensive than buying each application separately.
– All applications grouped in a package usually have a similar interface.
– The applications work well with each other, being able to pass documents from one place to another. They complement each other.

– Not all features and applications are used.
– They usually consume a lot of disk space (this is called bloatware).
– They carry maintenance work.

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