As we all know there are seven weekdays and a year has 365 days. Likewise, in much of the world the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Although in some places Sunday is considered the beginning of the week. However, beyond helping us mark and categorize the passage of time, in astrology each of the weekdays It has a meaning and a special vibration.

This vibration that accompanies us for 24 hours is given by the planet that rules each day. Precisely, it is from seven different planets that weekdays they get their name. This tradition comes from ancient Babylon, as it was believed that each planet exerted a particular influence on our planet and its inhabitants. Therefore, it was also firmly believed that each day was dedicated to a specific planet and a particular deity.

So, each day was special and meant the ideal time to harness the energy of each planetary god. These would be the roots of astrology and over time many cultures were based on these beliefs. This is how it was determined that each weekday it had its own particular energy and exerted a special influence on people. Therefore, it was also believed that certain personality traits were attributed to a person’s day of birth.

You want to know how to fill yourself with that energy that each weekday and how you can use it to flow through life. Well, discover below the astrological meaning and plan your week taking it into account.

Astrological meaning of the days of the week


Monday is a moon day, so we are dealing with emotions, moods, intuition, and the dark side of life. Many people report that Monday is the most challenging day of the week. This is not surprising, as the moon carries with it erratic and sometimes unpredictable energy. We can counteract rapid fluctuations in lunar energy by taking note of the phase of the moon every Monday.

This allows our logical mind to know «where we are» in a metaphorical sense. The best tasks for Mondays: meditation, dream analysis, quiet time, personal indulgence, rest, relaxation, sleep.


Mars is an aggressive planet. In fact, his namesake in Greek myth was the god of war. Tuesday is a driving force in the work week and will bring about a feeling of productivity, competence, efficiency, determination and accomplishment. With these kinds of energies at the forefront, Tuesday is the perfect day to finish up long-standing tasks.

On the contrary, Tuesday is also a great day to start new projects. Best tasks for Tuesdays: strategizing at work and career, acting on new ideas, starting new projects, cleaning up mess, exercising, finishing to-do lists, or catching up.


Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. He facilitates clear communication and brings new information to our consciousness in extremely precise and effective ways. Mercury also increases perception. I love the synchronicity of the midweek Wednesday landing because it gives a pervasive sense of connectedness. In a way, Wednesday is the vital communication link to every other day: it’s like the web server of the week (to use computing terms).

The best tasks for Wednesdays: Communication, of course! Catch up on emails, thank you notes, letters, phone calls, etc. Wednesday is also a good day to sign contracts (that is, if Mercury isn’t retrograde). Mercury is also a beneficial energy for short trips, so plan your day trips accordingly.


A national survey of North American companies concludes that Thursday is the most productive day of the week in business. Not surprising, as Jupiter has a way of lighting a fire below us and making us move. Jupiter is the planet of enterprise and expansion. It is also an extremely optimistic planetary energy that can be felt throughout the day on Thursdays when we tune into it.

The best tasks for Thursdays include: socializing, networking, marketing. Working on financial tasks like the stock market or even balancing the checkbook will lead to positive long-term results when done on Thursdays while reflecting on the energy of Jupiter.


We all know the energy of Venus, and when it comes to the symbolic meaning of the days, Venus is a very appropriate vibe for Friday, the traditional work weekend day. Venus is about love, connection, belonging, comfort, sensuality, and passion. If you think about it, most people who have traditional Monday-Friday workweeks tend to let their hair down and really celebrate Fridays (points for starting the weekend too).

Friday is a full feel-good day, filled with the energy of sympathy and kindness. Interestingly, Friday is also the most popular (romantic) date night. The best tasks and events for Fridays include: Romance, romance, romance!

Fridays are also perfect to express your love between friends and family. This is a great day for pleasure and appreciation. so trips to places that make you feel pampered, luxurious, or pampered are also good (like a spa, salon, movie theater, jewelry store).


Saturn can be a stern energy and a true taskmaster too. This makes Saturday one of the most advantageous days of the week because the opportunity for productivity and task completion is optimal. However, unlike Thursday/Jupiter, Saturn is not so jovial when working to get a job done. In fact, it is better to take advantage of Saturdays when we carefully plan prevention.

Preparing for the week ahead on Saturday will align our Saturn energies and produce satisfying results for each consecutive day of the week. The best tasks for Saturday: housework, preparing for upcoming events, academic tasks such as studying and doing homework, catching up on pending work.


Sunday is famous throughout time and cultures as a day of rest. The sun shines on Sundays with clarity, vitality and a sense of well-being. This day is optimal to absorb some social warmth by being with family, friends and neighbors. It’s also a perfect day to catch up on our rest and relaxation.

The Sun is about radiance, sharing, expressing yourself, expanding, lighting up, and growing. The sun is also about provision as it ensures the continuation of life as we know it. Therefore, the best tasks for Sunday include: resting, relaxing, having fun with loved ones, gardening, shopping, cooking, and worshiping for the purpose of enlightenment.