Daith piercing, jewels that heal pain, are part of non-traditional medicine, which for millennia has been investigating Chinese medicine, apparently achieving better results than traditional medicine, which does not reach solve ailments related to things that may seem insignificant regarding diseases of old tradition.

One of these methods is to help relieve migraine headaches with auricular acupuncture, an all-natural way of relieving chronic headaches through a specific type of ear piercing.

There are millions of people who suffer from headaches or migraines, often involving intense symptoms that occur to them on a regular basis, many turning to homeopathic remedies in an effort to naturally cure their conditions; the treatment is very similar to reflexology, which stimulates a reflex point and regulates abnormalities between the different parts of the body; but there is a difference with the perforation method and that is that the various parts of the ear are stimulated manually, by pressing with the fingers in certain areas, or by using needles.

One of the main acupuncture points in the ear is located exactly where the Daith-type piercing is performed, it is done through a piece of cartilage that is close to the hole in the ear canal; a ring is placed under pressure where acupuncturists commonly do and works like acupuncture, giving many migraine relief; It is somewhat similar to receiving a dose of permanent acupuncture.

Piercing has another advantage, it can be very fashionable, emulating a type of common accessory that few people know is doing what is best for their health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine contemplates a discipline called auriculotherapy, according to the founder of this discipline, Dr. Nogier, the ear is a microsystem of the entire organism and is full of reflex points of the different areas of the body, Dr. Nogier discovered the possibility of relieving pain in any area of ​​the body by applying microstimulation to the reflex points of the ear.

Doctor Thomas Cohn recommended the following: “Visit an expert in acupuncture and see if the needles in some parts of your cartilage give you relief”

If you see that it works, then you should consider a permanent piercing

“If you start to get a migraine, gently massage that spot on your ear with your thumb and middle finger. Switch ears after a few minutes, or do both at the same time.»

«If you notice relief, and you tend to get these headaches on a regular basis, then a daith piercing could be a worthwhile solution.» roloid.net (sf)

The decision to place a daith to relieve migraines is yours alone, you should find an ideal place where hygiene prevails, where the area is completely sterile, remember that a part of your body is going to be pierced And if you don’t take the proper precautions, you run the risk of contracting an infection that you will have to treat later.