In the world of divination there are many types of magical traditions, but one that stands out for being the oldest and most used is the crystallomancy or scrying. Scrying is often done into a polished crystal surface which may be either flat or spherical (as with the stereotypical crystal ball). The vibration of the crystals is used, in order to tune the spiritual plane with aspects of our lives to get the answers we seek, not only for predicting future but also past and present; giving us guidance to make correct decisions in the present, in terms of having control of our future.

According to historical records the origin of the crystallomancy, dates back to ancient Egypt where priests used rock crystal spheres to predict future events; But not until the sixteenth century when reading the crystal ball, thanks to John Dee, a psychic who became famous when using this art popularized, to make predictions so successful that Queen Elizabeth I of England would appoint royal counselor and astrologer. Subsequently, studies of this psychic would deepen, allowing to develop effective methods to induce more successful omens.

While in the crystallomancy can be used all kinds of stones and crystals, the preferred instrument for fortune tellers is the crystal ball. This is nothing but a glass sphere, which can be made of quartz, aquamarine, chrysoberyl or obsidian; as they are materials that emit vibrations better, considering also that it is transparent, fully polished without cracks in order to get clarity on the observation of the figures, shapes and colors that appear inside of it.

Despite of the strong vibrations that these areas emit, receive their signals and feel is not a simple task; so it will require many hours of practice, discipline and study to achieve a high level of concentration that facilitates the perception of images. Even so another benefit of constant practice reading the crystal ball; It will be the intensification of visual and listening skills in this way the person becomes into a clairvoyant and clairaudience.

Once this level is reached, some people can have very accurate predictions using the crystal ball as a tool, but some others may exceed the average skills by not having to use anything, they can talk to the people while viewing images in your mind.

Now that you know crystallomancy, we invite you to try and practice under the tutelage of an expert. Remember that as human beings we are always surrounded by problems and variants situations where we have to make important decisions that affect our present and future; but having this technique, we can find some clues and tips that will enable us to make appropriate decisions at the right time.