Cruise vacations: know what its pros and cons are

Cruise vacations are an alternative in the world of travel that, like any other, deserves consideration. But, we are all different and what might be a good thing for one person might not be for another. So there are those who hate them and there are also those who love them, so especially if you’ve never been on a cruise, you may be wondering if they’re right for you.

However, deciding if they are the right option for you involves knowing their pros and cons. And to help you understand what cruise vacations mean, here’s what they are.

Cruise vacations: its pros

We can explore many places and only unpack once

One of the biggest benefits of cruise vacations is the ability to visit multiple destinations without having to worry about the logistics of getting from one place to another. After each port of call, the ship moves on to the next, taking us with it. You don’t even have to pack your bags, opening your eyes to places you hadn’t even thought of visiting before.

Many will find it amusing to wake up each morning and walk out onto our balcony to find a beautiful new island waiting to be explored. Plus, each island had its own unique landscape, culture, and attractions, which meant you’d never be bored.

Cruise vacations are ideal for families and large groups

If you are looking to travel with a group or a large extended family, a cruise vacation could be a good option. They offer tons of activities and experiences to suit a wide range of ages, interests, and activity levels. If you’re traveling as a family, for example, you can split up during the day for different activities before regrouping for dinner in the evening. There is enough to do separately and together for everyone to be happy and still loving each other at the end of the cruise.

Cruise vacations can be very affordable

Another benefit of cruising is that it can actually be an incredibly cost-effective way to travel. Cruise cost varies widely depending on the cruise line you choose, the itinerary, where your room is on the ship, and what excursions or extra packages you include on your trip. If you’re willing to stay in an inside stateroom (meaning midships with no window or balcony), you can save a lot of money.

Flexible cost is another reason cruises are good for groups, as everyone can book a room based on their own budgets and preferences. Lastly, cruise lines and other travel outlets are constantly running sales and deals that can save you even more money.

cruise vacationson relaxing

On days at sea and in the hours between ports, you have plenty of time to relax. You can visit the spa, hang out by the pool, do yoga, or just sit with a coffee and enjoy the view.

Cruise innovations are exciting

The cruise industry is booming, so there are always bigger and better ships in production to compete for your loyalty. The things you can do on these new ships are mind-boggling, from ice skating and indoor skydiving to dodging and even drinking at an ice bar. Which is definitely a lot more than you would find in your average vacation hotel.

It’s easier to manage trip details

Planning a trip can be overwhelming; especially a trip with several stops. That becomes much easier when it comes to cruise vacations. All you have to do is book your vacation and then get on the ship and enjoy the ride.

Granted, you’ll probably want to book some tours and maybe plan dinner at one of the specialty restaurants. Still, compared to a typical trip with three or four stops (or more), the details are much easier to manage. The itinerary is planned for you, the food is there, and you have plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.

We can meet new friends

Since everyone on the ship is sharing that ship during the trip, you have a great opportunity to make new friends along the way. Whether it’s the couple you’re sitting with for dinner, a family you click with by the pool, or a guest sitting near you at the bar, if you want to find friends on a cruise, you’ll almost always find them. . The best part is that you’ll be able to see them again during your cruise and maybe even stay in touch with them afterwards. I know people who have taken future cruises with people they met in the past.

We will have a wide variety of gastronomic options

Cruise ship food is as spectacular in variety as it is in taste. There are dinners, buffets, grills, steakhouses, pizzerias, ice cream parlors and much, much more. So he’ll be dreaming about food once you’ve disembarked.

Cruise vacations: its cons

Layovers can be short

The other side of the coin of seeing so many places visited on a cruise ship is the little time we spend in them. Some ports of call may only be for 6 or 7 hours, which isn’t really enough time to immerse yourself in the local culture, especially when you add transfer time to and from the ship.

no flexibility

If you really like a destination, you can’t easily change your travel plans and stay like you might if you were backpacking or road tripping.

Cruise vacations are not all inclusive

While one benefit of cruising is that much of the cost of your experience is covered in the price of your reservation, the fact is that cruises are not completely all-inclusive. You may have full access to most onboard restaurants, pools, theaters, clubs, and other activities, but others are priced extra.

Cruise ships now feature specialty restaurants that promise an even more elevated experience, but keep in mind that you’ll pay for each item on the a la carte menu. Excursions and activities outside the ship are an additional cost, as are gratuities, taxes and port fees. Beverages like soda, freshly squeezed orange juice, and alcohol will make your pockets even thinner.

The weather can change at sea

Weather at sea can be a bit more difficult to forecast and conditions can change by the time you set sail. Although places like the Mediterranean are more reliable for light winds and warm weather, there is sometimes a sea breeze on deck that can make it feel noticeably cooler than the nearby land.
There is also a small chance that you will encounter rough waters or a swell (even in summer) which can make seasick sufferers uneasy.

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Some cruise ship areas can be very busy.

On a cruise vacation there is always a place to relax on board, but there are certain areas that can get quite hectic. You may find the breakfast buffet on a day at sea very congested with empty tables hard to find, and queues on and off a ship can also be a bit of a test, especially if you are required to catch an early boat to port.

may gain some weight

Well, this is a risk with any holiday, but cruise vacations can be particularly bad, mainly because the food is so good and plentiful. If you want to go to the gym on board, you may be able to avoid this particular scam.

On board a cruise the internet is slow

Because cruise ships rely entirely on satellites for Internet access, it tends to be a bit slower than the Internet at home. This is fine for most leisure travelers, but if you have business to attend to or people to keep in touch with at home, it can be a bit frustrating.

Cruise ships are terrible for the environment.

The environmental impact of cruises is one of the main disadvantages of choosing this type of vacation. There is a lot of talk about how cruise ships have become so massive that they resemble floating cities. Unfortunately, with that size and passenger load comes an equally massive carbon footprint. In addition to burning fuel and gobbling up resources, cruise ships also generate an enormous amount of waste.