Engagement rings are emblematic jewels that symbolize a promise of love, fidelity and dedicationwhich is placed on the ring finger of the left hand and usually carries a precious stone, usually a diamond.

According to ancient beliefs, there is a vein called amoris, located in the ring finger, which goes straight to the heart and from there comes the tradition of wearing it precisely on that finger, representing a formal commitment to marriage.

engagement rings will always be round, because they symbolize that it has no beginning or end and usually have diamonds in it, as a sign of trust, commitment and eternity. Diamonds are practically indestructible, durable, invincible.

A new trend in the world of jewelery, are engagement rings in the shape of a crownwhich for their meaning of power, legitimacy, and the values ​​​​they convey, such as justice, honor and glory, are ideal for a formal commitment.

Several jewelers have been devoted to designing engagement rings that are a type of replica of some crowns, and they have become very popular. In the market you can find many different designs made of materials such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and platinum, beautifully complemented by precious or semi-precious stones.

The symbolism of the crowns inspired the team of H. Stern to design a minimalist and contemporary engagement ring that at the same time is elegant and discreet. This collection of jewelry was called King & Queen and they are made in gold with an exclusive signature alloy in champagne tone and cognac diamonds that add a subtle shine to the pieces.

The Queen or queen ring is available in two sizes and is composed of circular elements. It has edges full of diamonds with rounded shapes and can be adapted to your personal style. They also designed a version for men, the King, available in two sizes, which symbolizes the king’s grandiosity. It is a truly majestic piece.

bvlgari is another of the famous jewelery company that incorporated crown-shaped engagement rings into its collection. The Solitaire Corona Ring is a beautiful piece designed in platinum with a round solitaire diamond, inspired in the crown and the flowers for their millenary meaning of glory and celebration.

Other jewelry companies have joined the crown-shaped ring trend, which are replicas of the most famous crowns of royalty. They can be found in the market for different prices, from very cheap to luxury designs with legitimate and large diamonds.

There are many engagement rings available in the market, however with a ring in the shape of a crown, you will look fashionable and elegant.