For some, compatibility in love can be in the date of birth or in the animal of the Chinese horoscope. The universe speaks through the planets, the constellations; thus, as the exact position of the sun and the moon at the moment in which one arrives in this world; astrology is simply in charge of interpreting it. The Chinese horoscope with thousands of years old offers its followers answers about their destiny in love, health or prosperity. Then we know the love compatibility between these twelve.

The Rat is passionate, of vehement and stormy relationships. She will live a permanent honeymoon with the Rat; she will congenial with the Snake and with the Monkey because of her great physical attraction. Next, the Ox is tender, impetuous and sensual; sex is essential, so he will find it with the Rabbit, with the sexual complement of the Goat and the idolatry of the Rooster.

For his part, the Tiger prefers quality over quantity. He will be attracted to the Rat by the Dog and the Tiger, he will have a crazy passion that will disappear, with the Dragon, he will burn and together with the Monkey he will go crazy. As for the Rabbit, exclusivity cannot be asked of him, he will look for the Ox to dominate him, the Snake for more romanticism and the Dog to discover true life as a couple. In turn, the Dragon will stir up passion wherever he goes, he will enjoy extreme and exotic situations. With the Tiger and the Dragon he will have an alienated sex, with the Rat tenderness, tranquility and with the Snake he will know how to stimulate himself.

Likewise, the Serpent, synonymous with passion and inner fire, will work with the Rat, the Horse and the Pig; at first there will be a great sexual attraction that will later decline; but they will understand each other very well in bed. The Horse, passionate, loving and seductive, will have exciting encounters with the Rat and the Pig, until he gets bored; with the Goat he will have an eternal honeymoon. Now, the Goat asks for exclusivity. She will have a lot of fun with the Rabbit and the Pig, in bed; The Monkey will enchant her and the Horse will be her best choice for her whims and fantasies.

The Monkey’s passion is ephemeral. There will be a good affinity with the Pig and the Ox, but with another Monkey it will be the perfect relationship. Highly demanding, the Rooster is passionate with his partner, but he will only be with the Dragon and the Serpent with whom he will have affinity and good relationships in bed. The Dog is sweet and eager, with the Tiger and the Monkey he will have fun; with the Rabbit everything will be fine if there is no war and with the Dog there will be great moments. Finally, the Pig, romantic, attentive and subtle. He will have a great affinity with the Dog and the Pig and will have a deep understanding with the Rabbit.

Good luck!