Colored pearls used in jewelry and their meaning

While pearls have become famous for their iconic white color, there are also a wide variety of colored pearls that are one-of-a-kind, with some even displaying more than one color. Although there is something in which they agree and that is that they are all beautiful and simply impressive. However, with so many shades, tones and iridescence it can be difficult to choose just one type of pearl.

But aside from their lovely colors, your budget and preferences, some people may base their decision on the symbolism and meaning behind them. After all, just like other precious stones, pearls have acquired a certain symbolism and meaning over time. So, the preference for pearl colors and shades can vary from place to place and culture has a lot to do with it. Above all, because each color has a specific meaning.

If you are planning to buy pearls and you are not sure which color of pearl to choose, then we invite you to discover the meaning of the different colored pearls and to do so accordingly.

Why are there colored pearls?

There are many reasons for the different colors of pearls: including the type of shell, the thickness and number of layers in pearl oysters, and potential trace elements in the aquatic environment.

First of all, the different colors of pearls are attributed to the variety of shells that nourish them. Just as gold lipped shells produce gold pearls, black butterfly shells do not produce white pearls and it is extremely rare for other shells to produce black pearls.

Second, the thicker the pearl oysters, the richer the colors of the pearls. Fine pearl oysters tend to produce cream-colored pearls with fewer hues.

Third, the trace elements in the pearl determine its color. When a pearl contains copper ions, the pearl has a golden color. When the pearl contains silver ions, the color of the pearl is creamy or yellow. When the pearl contains sodium ions, the color of the pearl is beige. When the pearl contains zinc ions, the color of the pearl is pink.

Also, the color of pearls can be differentiated into body color and halo color. The first is the color of the pearl’s own mass and the second is caused by optical effects, which is related to the transparency and thickness of the pearl’s layer.

Main pearls of natural colors.

1. White pearls

White is the most classic and preferred pearl color. Akoya pearls, freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls (rarely white), and South Sea pearls grow naturally white. A white pearl gemstone is a symbol of beauty, purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They are available in different sizes from 1mm to 20mm. White pearls are the first choice in every woman’s jewelry.

2. Black pearls

Black is the second most popular color in pearls. These pearls are very attractive with their exotic appearance and symbolize strength, mystery, independence and wealth. These are also the symbol of wisdom. The size of black pearls is between 8 mm and 16 mm. Black pearls are also known by the name of Tahitian black pearls because they are found in French Polynesia and Mexico. Akoya-type pearls also produce black pearls, and are found in Japan and China.

3. Gold pearls

Gold pearls represent wealth and prosperity, just like gold. These are farmed on the golden lipped variety of the South Sea pearl oyster. Thus, they are known by the name of Golden Pearls of the South Sea. These pearls are very rare on the market. They are 8mm to 20mm in size. Akoya pearls can also be cultured in gold color. They are found in Australia and the tropical lagoons of the Philippines.

4. Pink pearls

Pink pearls are commonly found in ponds in China and Japan. They are soft pastel in color and look very romantic. Its color does not change or fade. These pearls are the symbol of fame, romance, success, good future and energy. They are between 6 mm and 9.5 mm in size. If you are looking for a pink, peach or lavender pearl, then you are basically looking for a white Akoya pearl with a pink undertone.

5. Purple pearls

Purple pearls are the most fabulous pearls. They are Akoya pearls, they are the ones that are dominated by violet tones. Tahitian pearls, silver and gold pearls from the South Sea are found in shades of lavender and are known as purple pearls. These are the symbol of passion, nobility, wisdom, art and complexity. The size of these pearls is from 6mm to 16mm.

6. Blue pearls

Blue pearls are the unique and rarest pearl. Expresses the beauty of the human eye and romantic relationships. Natural blue pearls come in pastel sky blue or deep midnight blue, with an even wider range of stunning hues (green, teal, cerulean, teal, violet, and more).

Blue pearls symbolize trust, truth, courage and tranquility. Natural Blue Pearls are available in Akoya Pearls, South Sea White Blue Silver and Tahitian Pearls. The size of these pearls varies from 8mm to 14mm. They are mainly found in Japan and Vietnam.

7. Yellow pearls

Yellow pearls are not that popular in the market. But they have a different personality. They are the symbol of clarity, optimism, creativity and happiness. The size of these is between 6 mm and 16 mm. Lillian yellow pearls are mainly farmed on the island of Java, Indonesia.

The Pinctada Maxima region is responsible for producing South Sea golden lip pearls. They are pearl white with yellow undertones in them. These are found in the Philippines. Akoya pearls are another type of yellow pearl. They are produced in China. Australia also produces yellow pearls on a large scale.

8. Green pearls

Green is the next most beautiful and phenomenal pearl color. A person who wants to start a new chapter of her life can buy a green pearl because this pearl represents luck and wealth in life.

These pearls come in three types of pearls, which are: Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea. Green pearls are a symbol of growth, balance, nature, hope and renewal. The size can range from 4mm to 12mm.

9. Chocolate pearls

Among the most luxurious looking colored pearls we have chocolate pearls. Today, this pearl is in high demand in the fashion industry. They symbolize healing, comfort and protection, harmony and reliability. The size of these certified gemstones is between 9mm and 14mm. Tahitian natural chocolate pearls are found in French Polynesia. They are in natural colors and their colors do not fade.