Did you know that when you drink your coffee in the morning you can choose to guess what may happen in your day? Or perhaps find an answer to what keeps you up at night?

Coffee reading has its history, several centuries old (there is no certainty in the date of its origin), it is first attributed to the Arabs, spreading to all of Europe and Africa. This art of divination is defined as caffeomancy, where the ground coffee residue is interpreted after interacting with hot water, known as coffee grounds or grounds. We recommend ground Arabica coffee, it cannot be coffee with milk, instant, nor should it be accompanied with another liquid.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we begin the ritual of its preparation. In a white cup, with a wide mouth and straight walls, add very hot water, a tablespoon of coffee and sugar to your liking.. Stir preferably with a wooden spoon and in the opposite direction to clockwise. Let it rest for 1 minute so that the coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the cup and drink it slowly with your right hand, concentrating on what you want to know about your immediate future and leaving a minimum of residual liquid.

The next step has some variations and depends on who reads it. The most common is to turn the cup upside down on a white plate and wait three or five minutes with the right hand on top of the cup, others prefer to turn the cup while it is upside down seven times (always counterclockwise). clock). After the stipulated time, we straighten the cup and begin to interpret the figures of the coffee grounds adhered to the bottom and walls of the cup. At the bottom of the cup, you will find shapes alluding to the past, on the walls and edges will be the present and the future.

According to your imagination, the figures can be diverse, the most frequent being animals, people, objects, letters and numbers. Sometimes the shapes of people with letters and numbers coincide; here the letters are associated with the names, surnames or nicknames of the people connecting the numbers with periods of time (dates, days and months). The figures that are clear represent pleasant things and the diffuse uncomfortable and unpleasant situations. The first interpretation must be definitive, the magic of intuition is what dominates this art.

When the images are difficult to interpret and you are not alone, ask for help from the other person. Some say that when the coffee grounds remain in the bottom of the cup, there are problems in the house or in your heart. If, on the other hand, the bottom is clean, then your home and heart will be clean.

There are texts about the meaning of each figure, you can investigate and become an expert in the art of this reading. Enjoy a delicious coffee and spend a different moment.