Jesús Aceves, known as Chuy, the werewolf, generates a mixture of surprise and fear every time he goes out on the street, who, tired of the ridicule and discrimination of society, decided to leave the complexes and look up.

It happens in Mexico, where for several generations, the Aceves have suffered from congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa, better known as the werewolf syndrome. At least 30 family members have had it or have it, «Chuy» being one of them. «Why did God make me like this? Why am I not like the others?» This 41-year-old Mexican asked himself when, at school, his classmates made fun of him, hit him or pulled his hair making jokes about how he howled in the moonlight.

From a very young age, he got used to prying eyes and insults. A strange disease leaves his face covered with hair and a «werewolf» appearance that almost no one accepts. He did not finish his studies. At the age of 13, he took refuge in drinking and began working in the circus with two of his cousins, who also suffer from the same disease.

Only about 50 cases have been documented throughout history, 13 of them belong to the Aceves family.

This family from Loreto (Zacatecas), inherited from their great-grandmother this rare genetic mutation, which has no other symptom than excessive hair growth all over the body. Those who suffer from this disease usually have hair on parts of the body that normally lack it, and of an abnormal consistency and length.

Chuy explains that he used to walk down the street with his head down, covering his face with his hand to avoid bad times, he states that he does not really understand why they are so discriminated against, he considers it unfair, since going out to buy, finding work, making friends or having a partner can be a real problem for those who suffer from hypertrichosis, they are not given opportunities for the simple fact of being different.

He seems unfazed whenever a person stops to get a better look at him. He recounts episodes of his harsh childhood, of the time he worked in «The Circus of Horrors» in London, where without studies and with a strange appearance, he saw no other option than to earn a living by exhibiting in circuses for the public’s curiosity, an experience not very pleasant that notably affected his self-esteem.

For men, the excessive hair of hypertrichosis is a stigma, but even more so for women, who are often abandoned by their partners once they become pregnant. «I’ve been lucky and we’re fine. It’s complicated sometimes but I think that being an honest person with good feelings you can have a good family”, says Chuy, who has been able to take advantage of his condition and has become an activist for children who suffer harassment by his disabilities or his physique, outside of what is considered the standard of beauty, this man is an example to follow for his ability to excel.