The chromotherapy, colors and astrologyhave a direct relationship, so they must be analyzed together to obtain satisfactory results, through the management of colors during therapies aimed at improving basic aspects of people’s lives, such as love, money, success and abundance, among other things.

Colors have always been used by man for various purposes, they are the reflection of life, they have power; and each zodiacal sign has its specific color, although the planets also do their work and have a direct influence on the lives of human beings.

Centuries ago Isaac Newton studied the solar spectrum and discovered that it has seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; and in turn it has been shown that these are related to the planets, the days of the week, musical notes, the rainbow, even with food; hence the wide range of applications of chromotherapy; because each color emits a specific energy or vibration, influencing our moods.

On the other hand, colors are generally classified as warm, which are red, orange and yellow, the so-called cold, represented by blue, indigo and violet, and green, which is in the center of the rainbow. and comes to fulfill the important function of balancing. In this way, warm colors are active, and are responsible for enlivening the psychological rhythm, while cold colors are said to be passive, because they calm and serene the spirit. That is why we are going to explain what these seven colors mean, along with white, black, gray and pink; since sign are associated.

Red: this color symbolizes vigor and strength, energy and confidence, and is used in chromotherapy to enhance sexuality, passion and stimulation; and the associated sign is Aries. In addition, color therapy uses this color to prevent low blood pressure, iron assimilation problems and chills. On the other hand, Scorpio is associated with red wine red, which also symbolizes passion and strength.

Orange: this color that represents the sign of Leo, is associated with vitality, imagination and wisdom, and is used in chromotherapya to calm moods and achieve serenity, as well as to combat heart and skin problems; In addition to promoting fertility and sexual energy.

Yellow: this color provides optimism and inner light; activating creativity; represents the sign of Taurus, and in the chromotherapy It is used to heal breathing and speech problems, as it is ideal for improving communications and personal relationships.

Green: this color that represents the sign of Libra, is associated with the balance and renewal of the body’s energies; because it favors sensitivity, peace and calm; acting as a calming or sedative, so it is widely used in chromotherapy. On a physical level, it is very effective in treating kidney problems and headaches.

Blue: this is the color of the sign of Aquarius and is associated with serenity, peace and elevation of the spirit; so it is widely used in chromotherapy, through meditation. This color can improve blood circulation and calm the nervous system; and because it is anti-stress, it is useful to counteract aging and wrinkles.

Indigo or Indigo: this color associated with the sign of Pisces; symbolizes openness of mind and spirit, the depths of the soul and of being; and it is used in chromotherapy to combat fears, shyness and obsessions.

Violet: This transformative color represents the sign of Virgo; which provides intuition and elevation of spirituality. From a physical point of view, it helps calm the nervous system and balance the functioning of the genital organs.

Apart from the seven colors of the rainbow associated with the aforementioned signs, there are white, black, gray and pink, associated with the rest of the signs. For example, the sign of Cancer is associated with white, which represents virginity and purity, family love, which is the basis of life for people of this sign.

The blackopposite to white, is the color that represents the sign of Capricorn, it is the union of all colors, and although it is always associated with the disastrous, the negative and death, it provides people of this sign with power, security and protection.

The grey colorwhich is produced from the combination of black with white, symbolizes experience, decadence and expiration, and represents the sign of Gemini, while pink symbolizes dawn, joy and beginnings, it is the color that represents the Sagittarius sign.
We must clarify that although each color is associated with a specific zodiacal sign or a planet, it is convenient to analyze the astrological chart, to know which colors are in excess and which are deficient, in order to choose the appropriate color for the situations or circumstances the person is going through. Likewise, even if a color does not correspond to your sign, you can use it according to the need you have at the moment.

This is how, the chromotherapy It is presented as a powerful alternative to heal many physical and emotional conditions, since the colors will help overcome common illnesses, such as anemia, which can be treated with the application of the color red, or headaches that can overcome with the help of the color indigo blue.

For these reasons, the colors that we usually wear to dress, say a lot about our personality and reflect our moods; hence many architects and designers use colors to cause specific moods.