Take advantage of Christmas 2016 to show off some of the most different outfits of the season. Go bold in red, wear different dresses, and even take on the unusual styles, because 2016 has been a year to remember, until the last minute.

The color of the proposal: Christmas red. Wearing the best clothes of the holiday season, the color red in its various shades will reach its highest peak in trends during Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and even before the arrival of the Three Kings.

According to the trend series, ‘Hello’: “Just as white is at weddings, red is the indisputable color at Christmas. Wherever it is, the red color is distinctive of this time of year in practically any part of the world. Closely followed by green, both tones will be available both in the decoration, as in the traditions and costumes.”

About the dresses. To rise up like a glamorous girl at Christmas, the dress designs that you should take into account are halter neckline and tied at the back, long sleeves with a sweetheart neckline, pleats with a belt – bow or satin lengths. Undoubtedly, diverse and different designs to those adorned that are usually used at Christmas, but that 2016 demands for those who really want to stand out.

The complementary shoes for a fashionable and very different Christmas will also have some particular characteristics. The so-called Ballerinas have had a particular transformation in the area of ​​​​their tip, because, instead of being rounded, they have adopted a pointed shape.

Glitter will be another exclusive feature of the shoes during the 2016 holiday season. With sequins, full of glitter, adding details in gold, or completely silver, the shoes will dazzle your step in any of the special dates that are already approaching.

If you want to leave out the dresses, then, The following proposals will be ideal as your fashion alternative during Christmas. Willing to wear a two-piece suit made of velvet? How about an all-checkered or all-horizontal-striped look? You can also consider a skirt suit with a low cut leg or a suit that is striking in color. In short, the executive ‘look’ has left the office to move to any event during Christmas.

Delicate and glamorous. For the most traditional, there is also a classic style, but at the same time different. Some fashion houses merged the elegant style of December with the daily ‘bohemian chic’, resulting in mid-length dresses, with fabrics that stand out with a subtle shine, including velvet. Do not hesitate to take them into account to welcome 2017.

No matter what the trends call for, look for an outfit that helps you exude confidence. Remember that it is better to wear something that makes you feel comfortable than to wear something uncomfortable just because you have to wear it. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.