Riding a bike is an unforgettable and very recreational activity for children. From the time they turn their first year of age or a few months before, the little ones can get excited pedaling on a tricycle, and then start with a bike, which will occupy important spaces in those very significant years of childhood.

When children move around by bicycle, they greatly enjoy feeling independent; In addition, it is a very comfortable, practical vehicle and offers many benefits in the child process. Without a doubt, one of the first sports that parents should encourage in children is cycling; since the little ones learn to socialize more quickly, having fun in those pleasant moments.

Bicycle rides increase the agility of children, developing muscular resistance; at the same time, it improves the joints and the circulatory system; In addition, it greatly favors intellectual capacities, making them more intelligent; likewisepromotes camaraderie together with solidarity, fueling patience, respect and obedience. Einstein once said: «On the seat of my bicycle I have made life decisions, I have written passages, articles, and I have reflected useful solutions to emotional problems.»

For children, riding a bicycle is a movement that reinforces their training on a personal level, making them appreciate their will in a more equitable way; Above all, they learn to value participation as an element that requires effort. It also optimizes basic aspects that are presented in its development; Thus, It is one of the favorite gifts for them, in celebrations of important dates, or simply receive it as a reward for their dedication to their studies.

However, it is essential that children know how to handle the bicycle properly; that is why when they are very young, it is customary to optionally place small wheels as a support that will facilitate their balance. As they master driving and gain confidence, they are removed by inducing them to drive on other terrains, always in the company of adults, who will guide them, giving them instructions.

Those bike rides with their friends or family will make children take progressive tours. In the same way, there is the advantage of being able to drive the bike in parks, squares, and some outdoor spaces, which are great to enjoy this healthy recreation; encouraging them an entertaining habit, beneficial for the body and mind.

At the same time, do not forget the accessories that every child should carry on their bicycle. Among them you will find helmets with beautiful designs and drawings, baskets that are placed on the front of the bike, bells located on the handlebars, surprising lights that come with a lot of power and a variety of beautiful multicolored strips.

There is always a perfect day for your children to enjoy a fun bike ride. In short, it is an extraordinary toy that allows them to walk freely and have a lot of energy through a simple but very advantageous activity.