The fashion of Châtelaine goes hand in hand with the best memories of jewelry. The Châtelaine It can be described as the ancestor of the ‘Body chain’, as it is a decorative belt with chains suspended along its length and joined by a hook. A series of decorative items are usually mounted on each chain, ranging from watches, keys, stamps, and even small scissors. If you want to stand out with an eye-catching, vintage piece of jewelry, the Châtelaine It will be your new best friend.

The best known story of the ‘Châtelaine’ It begins in 1860 and ends with the nineteenth century. This belt – cord – chain was very popular at this time. The ‘Châtelaine’ It was all the rage among the housewives of the 19th century, and also, for the wealthy gentlemen who wore the chains of the ‘Châtelaine’ to hang your mechanical watches.

The words ‘Châtelaine’ comes from the French ‘Châtelaine’, which is an ordinary term to refer to a device with necessary tools used by housewives. But the whole story of ‘Chatelain’ goes back many more centuries.

It was in the Ancient Rome that women wore chains of ‘Châtelaine’ to hang all kinds of objects, such as ear buckets, nail cleaners and tweezers. Then in Britain girls used to hang from the brooches of ‘Châtelaine’ their dressers, always helping them to be to the nines.

From an ordinary, utilitarian tool, the ‘Châtelaine’ It had its first moments as an appreciated jewel at the end of the 19th century. The ladies of the time began to change nail cleaners and other tools for embroidery, perfumes, gems and even poison.

The first precious samples of ‘Châtelaine’ they were made in silver, bronze, copper, without forgetting the proper decoration with precious stones. A sample quite far from the simple metals with which the first and most rustic saw the light ‘Châtelaine’.

The ‘Châtelaine’ is divided into two types. The most popular takes as a central point a medallion at the end where the metal hook with which it adheres to the belt is placed. On the other hand, the ‘Châtelaine’ American style is characterized by an elongated brooch with a small pin on the back.

The fury of mechanical watches was essential for the equal use of ‘Châtelaine’. Many gentlemen of the time did not lose the great utility of waist chains to decorate their useful jewelry. Some even acquired a touch of personality with small drop-shaped medallions, which kept family photos inside.

The latest versions of ‘Châtelaine’ they remain as ancient jewels of incredible beauty. Even its preservation, goldsmith work and its historical value have led some ‘Châtelaine’ to deserve to be protected in several museums around the world. Without a doubt, the legacy of the ‘Châtelaine’ represents a bastion for the utilitarian use of jewelry, beyond being an ephemeral fashion. Trends in Jewelry. (February 18, 2017)